China´s massacre in Spratly islands [real footage 1988]

Created by ottovonstierlitz (Wehrmacht) in Germany, May 2009
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On the occasion of celebrating the Chinese Navy 60th anniversary, a short video that was recorded by the Chinese navy in 1988 has been publicized by her state medien. It shows the actions of the Chinese navy in combat as the so called “self-defense” and conceals the reality of a massacre :

64 Vietnamese sailors were killed by 37mm anti-craft guns from Chinese warships in a few seconds.

Evidences of China’s Crime: The Spratly Islands Massacre

With proven historical evidences and an uninterrupted possession, Vietnam has been exercising her sovereignty over the Spratly Islands in the East Vietnam Sea, which is also known as the ” South China Sea”. However, with continuing ambition for hegemony to control natural resources as well as sea transportation routes, China has brutally and inhumanely attacked Viet Nam, seriously violating Vietnams sovereignty and international laws. This real footage, which was taken by the China Navy during the invasion of the Spratly Islands on March 14th 1988, is an irrefutable proof of China Navys crime. Using overwhelming armed forces, the China Navy killed 64 under-equipped Vietnamese sailors, destroyed and prevented unarmed Vietnamese vessels from saving the injured. The movie has raised a question of criminal charges against the Chinese government, once led by Deng Xiao Ping, for the course of justice. In fact, this defending battle lasted for a few hours at three reefs nearby the island called Sin Cowe, one of the largest islands in the Spratly islands. The Spratly islands locate at a distance of over 1000 km far from the undermost Chinese coast at Hainan island and rightly belong to Vietnam for historical reasons.

In the early months of 1988, the Chinese Navy had landed troops on five reefs and atolls of the Spratly Islands. Three of them lie quite near the large islands that Vietnam owns. The Vietnamese Navy then ferried supplies and equipment to six other reefs and atolls. They successfully gained control of them and prevented the Chinese navy from extending their occupied zone into the other islands. In early March, the High Commander of Vietnamese navy decided to defend other three reefs because they were part of the Spratly Islands and forming an open chain of reefs around the Sin Cowe island that were in control of Vietnam. On March 13th, in the late evening, three Vietnamese transport ships arrived in time at those reefs and set up the flags to represent Vietnams sovereignty over them. However, some hours after the Vietnamese transport ships had reached the target, four large Chinese warships got close to the Vietnamese and switched on the warning loudspeaker. Despite threat from Chinese warships, the Vietnamese transport ships patiently kept anchoring beside the reefs. They were not powerful enough to confront with the Chinese navy and did not want to escalate the conflict. The Chinese were ordered to take an oath before they floated motor-boats with many heavy-armed marines in carrying out the conspiracy to provoke the Vietnamese to break out a war. The Chinese, especially soldiers, are taught that the ocean area of Spratly islands with more than two hundred islands, reefs and atolls belongs to China.

The strain continued until the next morning, when the Chinese mobilized more battle ships, and also more floated motor-boats. They caused more provocations for the battle to break out. By 06:00 am, they suddenly sent 3 aluminium boats that carried about 40 armed marines and rapidly rushed towards the reefs. They landed troops in front of Vietnamese sailor crews and tried to lower the Vietnamese flags that had been already planted into the reef-platform since last evening. Standing on the reefs where the water level covered half of their bodies, the Vietnamese sailors set up commanding positions along the edge of the reefs to lay the defending lines and try to prevent the enemy from advancing forward. They were threatened by the Chinese to retreat from the reefs. This intrusion caused strong reaction from the Vietnamese defenders to hold their flag. They determined to hold on to the reef and keep their flag flying at any cost. Unable to force the Vietnamese to leave the reef, the Chinese marines had to get back to their battle ships. And finally
Just because the Vietnamese navy had refused to withdraw from the reef, the Chinese used battleships for firing with 37-mm anti-aircraft guns directly at the unarmed and light armed Vietnamese sailors on the reefs who were not able to attack them from their defending positions.

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  1. 1月19日6时左右,南越海军见中华人民共和国705号渔轮运来满满一甲板的武装民兵准备登岛,南越16号舰、10号舰打算驱逐西渔705号渔轮,人民解放军海军各舰紧急起锚并发出战斗警报。7时40分,南越海军4号舰派2艘小艇载23名陆战队军人登上琛航岛,守备琛航岛的西南中沙人武部的武装民兵排第2、第3班与其争辩,最后双方未发生交火冲突,于8时45分南越军人退回4号军舰。9时许,南越5号军舰又派21名陆战队员乘2艘橡皮舟登上广金岛,10名守岛民兵鸣枪警告,其中一名机枪手以为命令是开火射击,击死南越军黎文东中尉,打伤2人,其余登岛南越军人抬着两具尸体撤回其军舰,守岛民兵缴获南越军丢下的两挺机枪、一支自动步枪和一些弹药。南越登岛军人被杀后,局势骤然紧张,705号渔轮停止了民兵换乘,立即起锚防备南越军舰的报复性炮击。


    10时20分南越海军5号舰、4号舰展开战斗队形相背而行。 10时23分,南越海军16号舰炮击人民解放军海军396、389编队(越方对首先开火另有说法,为10时24分5号舰炮击人民解放军海军271艇),人民解放军海军396舰后37炮随即开火(中方记录是10点22分),389舰首先命中李常杰号的一部主机使其停止工作。人民解放军海军271、274编队误判对方旗舰,集中火力攻击南越海军4号舰“陈庆馀”号,271编队首先把陈庆瑜号的雷达打坏,导致陈庆瑜号自动舰炮难以瞄准开火;南越海军也对人民解放军海军的指挥舰艇出现误判,认为两个编队的各自后舰为指挥舰艇

  2. Cheong Yip tuck says:


  3. Brandon Cooke says:

    The CCP SUCKS.

  4. Tom Thounaojam says:

    Respect for brave Vietnamese soldiers who have died by this cunning, deceitful act by the heinous Chinese soldiers they don't even have balls to face it instead using an anti-aircraft gun on lightly armed troops, which look like an act of coward then bravery. All SAE countries should unite and have a military alliance like NATO to fight in a future conflict with ever-increasing hostile China.

  5. Pocholo Khan says:

    Cory Aquino Democracy allows Vietnamese, Taiwan, China and Malaysia to landgrab our Philippines territory , Ninoy Aquino allow Chinese control Scarborough shoal coz the US signal Ninoy to give way to the Chinese, Ninoy Aquino allow Chinese to buy mountain in Zambales , Philippines which is being used for their Artificial island

  6. Pocholo Khan says:

    Vietnamese and Malaysia is a landgrabber too , they blaming China always but they do landgrabbing PH territory ,

  7. …well thats not what i heard from Chinese people don't know who to believe tbh

  8. Mein Fräulein says:

    ccp is the new nazi

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    Never GIVE UP my Vietnamese brother! People from Indonesia always support you 💪✊

  10. haha stay mad vietnam

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    may araw din kau mga tsekwa kau, antay antay lang kau

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    37mm too much 4 human body.overkill

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    The Viet Congs are hypocrites.What about their pushes into Laos and Cambodian territories ?

  14. China communist leaders are snakes

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    2000 years enemy – will revenge!

  16. Nguyen Minh Long says:

    The PLA Chinese army opened fire first at Vietnamese soldiers. The Chinese Government deceived the Chinese people to justify its illegal robbery. Do you believe that lie is false? Vietnamese ships are an engineer army, they built only AK guns, hoes, shovels, and hammers on amphibious transport ships.

    They were how they could fire first on a destroyer with cannons and machine guns. It is not possible, unless the soldiers want to commit suicide

  17. Ho Chi Minh willing to sacriced 1 million north Vietnamese men for Soviet Union and eastern Europe in the name of socialism. Vietnam allow the Soviet Union set up the largest Navy millitary base in Cam Ranh and they watch Vietnamese sailors killed by the Chinese . The Chinese millitary would not dare to touch them without the green light from Soviet Navy. Soviet sign a peace treaty with America which lead to the end the cold war. Good bye Vietnam

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    Thank you for this video!

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    What if US Navy help Vietnam

  20. Mẫn Lê says:

    You can hide your next generation but the true and real the world now know your face CHINA

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    good job👍🇨🇳🇨🇳

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    Shed my tears . 😭

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    A one sided story by a vietcong. LMAO

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    lol vietnam fired the first shot and now cries foul when they got their butt kicked by China. lol

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    Mainland Chinese are no friend to anyone anywhere in this world. They(Mainland China)believe themselves to be superior to everyone else and there for only push their interests. This is a heinous criminal act against Vietnam.

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