Centurion tank 169039 Australian Army in Vietnam 1970-71

Footage of Australian Army Centurion Tank 169039 in Vietnam in 1970-71. The tank then called ‘Cromwell’ is now owned and operated by Tanks For Everything in New Zealand and is known as ‘Maximus’. More info at www.tanksforeverything.co.nz There is no sound of this video.

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  1. Diesel 84 says:

    My dad's an Vietnam veteran he was a engineer and spent most of his time on dozers (D8's) and grader's. He doesn't eleberate much on the war itself but talks very highly of the centurion. He talks of time's he'd be clearing a path in the jungle with a line of tanks following him and more than one occasion had to get his dozer behind them to take cover. I think one or two might of saved his life a few times that's why he loves them.

  2. Morning Petrichor says:

    Centurion had a manual gearbox (stick shift for the yanks). The gear stick was between the drivers legs, steering performed by "hand brakes" either side of the driver. It had a very heavy clutch, to the point of ,I reckon, the driver walked with a limp due to the over developed left leg. Good tank for it's time.

  3. Arguably the greatest tank ever. The first modern tank to get the firepower/armour/manoeuvrability trade off right, and capable of being easily upgraded to keep up with potential adversaries. What a tank.

  4. Ricky Hunter says:

    spitfireMK22 – Australia had 6 tanks totaled in Vietnam. 46 damaged and 40 repaired. America lost 600. 150 M-48 Pattons – Approximately 270 M-551 Sheridan Airborne Reconniassance Assault Vehicles (light tanks) – approximately 250 M-41's. Thats a shitload of tank battles lol  NVA lost nearly all their 800 tanks.

  5. Lawrence Glover says:

    look at those beauties
    Britian after the war had some beautiful tanks
    America, Sorry patton you may be a tough and rough tank but your no Centurion

  6. I bet the Centurion "owned" everything on the Battlefield. Vietnam wasn't exactly great for armour but the Centurion must have terrified the Communists.

  7. Greg Harris says:

    I was driver 4Bravo 70/71. Ray Evens was my crewie at the time, Goldman was 4, Big Robby was 4A and Scottie was 4C. Shorty came after I went home. Name of 4B while I was driving it was Ironoutlaw. Kerry Slavin Painted it on the barrel.

  8. John J Darnbrough says:

    The British Army were using the 20pdr on Arty op tanks into at least 1969.We were in support of sabre tanks of the royals in Detmold they had the 105mm fitted Our fume extractors had one rib in the middle.the gunners still used this vehicle when the Royals converted to Chieftain in 1968.We had two tanks per Bty used as Forward ops.Mine was 16 BA 10 often wondered what happened to the old girl.

  9. hi im looking for what insigina belongs to a half red half yellow square divided at an angle. Was it Austria?

  10. too bad this tank just missed out on WWII, would have been britains first success story, no i kid i kid please dont spam me, lol.

  11. A Tank Driver says:

    @dpsherry – Hi – countweights I believe to balance the barrel / breach…. Cheers

  12. critch1901 says:

    @rbgchec You gotta do a stick change on a Cent for a fast gear change. Acts like a clutch brake on old non synchro gearboxes. In other words you have to pull on one of the steering levers as you go through the neutral gate to the next gear. Takes a bit of practice and you gotta be a good driver!!1

  13. The Australian army tanks were (and are) named by squadron conventions A sqn = tank name beginning with A, B sqn = tank name beginning with B and C sqn=tank name beginning with C. I am no expert on regimental history but I dont remember a P Sqn so "Pussy Eater" would not have been correct…sounds a bit American anyway…

  14. A Tank Driver says:


    I bought the saae model (well you have to buy your 'own' tank dont you!). It may have had the other name at a different time in Vietnam – but from talking to its commander from the time it was definitely Cromwell whilst under his command (choose as a name starting with C for C company and a military commander he admired).

    Hope that helps


  15. A Tank Driver says:

    Erm…we own both the (Ex-Australian Army) Centurion and now have and now also own a T-55 (but no T-70) plus many more vehicles.

  16. A Tank Driver says:

    hanks for the comment – and glad you enjoyed your drive!

  17. Adrian Clayton says:

    aussie cents were never fitted with 105 mm gun . they all used the 20pdr

  18. A Tank Driver says:

    Where were the firing ones? – ours was de-activated on release from the army sadly.

  19. Hector Pascals says:

    Outstanding footage! I'm a big fan of the Aussie Cent!

  20. 40thCapeRifles says:

    What did they (or you if there's any operators reading this) use for the the ARV? It looks like you guys sometimes had a heck of a time getting through those swamps.
    And was that an IR lamp on the turret?

  21. A Tank Driver says:

    Thanks – I still think its very odd to see 'our' Cent when it was in a war. Interesting footage nevertheless.

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