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  1. SalTheSneakerHead says:

    Why would he guarantee a guy is at rat window, but then full push and not even look rat window first lol

  2. i suffice says:

    You heard it here folks 13:00 Doug is a Moscow team put him in and he’s getting dubs

  3. Nik Klimekoski says:

    He should honestly try to use an AR. He might actually play a lot better at a slower pace. Not saying a main AR but like a secondary one.

  4. Doug is the best in the game. He can literally replace an1 on atl faze

  5. Kuill Ugnaughty says:

    Censor expects his teammates to do everything for him lmaoo

  6. Censor doesn't deserve the hate…. Not saying I like Censor but I don't think ppl should be shit talking him because hes just trying to be successful just like every1 else. No respect to the toxic ppl :/

  7. FaZe_Titanica says:

    yow come with me right . wtf then you will lose rotations . please someone teach censor about rotations 🤣

  8. Bastian Gmeiner says:

    it has to be soo fkn annoying to play with doug. i mean he is costing but complaining mid round about "mistakes" he's causing and everyone who says his comms are good, there not, there absolutly not good

  9. I dont know why people think he is bad. He may not be as good as these pros but he is definitely better than the average player. Im not fanboying i dont even watch censor, but judging from a few clips he aint bad at all.

  10. Echo the Producer says:

    He’s saying chall him for me like he’s some sort of entity that can’t chall ahaha this is jokes

  11. Echo the Producer says:

    Ahaha my man said he’s going to pinch front hill, how is that a pinch ahaha this man is hilarious

  12. Echo the Producer says:

    Bro I just cringe watching him, boy needs to give up. Hasn’t been anything since AW

  13. Kirk Spinelli says:

    Holy shit Doug days are over. Mans is horrendous at the game and the coms might be worse

  14. Street street, ticket ticket, low green low green, absolute absolute…have a shot for every time he sais the same thing twice you'll be dead within 2 minutes 🤣

  15. COD Clips says:

    Do you think Censor will be able to compete and win anything this year?

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