My 7 most Underrated Videos

One-Man Bunkers – Germanys Pulowski Preservation Shelter (Fallout)?

Soviet Anti-Tank Rifle Tactics of WW2

Panzer II – Stopgap to Victory

Tank Ramming in WW2 – Ramming Speed feat. @The_Chieftain

Wehrmacht War Crimes – An Overview

Why 879 Men for 45 Tigers?

MP 40 – Role & “Tactics”

Why Rifle Grenades? – German Rifle Grenades in WW2

Producing Allied Weapons for Germany?

Why the German Mindset doesnt work on YouTube (feat. @Military Aviation History )

Why didnt the Germans copy the T-34?

Krautfunding: Sturmgewehr 44 Assault Platoon Manual – German/English

In Defense of the MG 42 Bipod