Awesome Video Of Army Sniper’s In Action, Afghanistan

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Russian Special Forces Helmet Cam Footage!

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Airborne Field Artillery in Afghanistan! Firing M777 and M119 Howitzers!

This is an awesome video showing the power of two great weapons! and the skills of…

Insane Marine Combat Footage

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Close Call For Two British Soldiers

A very Close call for two British soldiers as they attempt to safely discharge an IED…

U.S Marines Caught In Firefight

U.S Marines and ANA forces, get into a firefight with Taliban forces. source

AH-64 Apache Helicopter FLIR Combat Guntape

Last Second Reserve Chute Deployment Saves Paratrooper Just In Time After Main Chute Became Tangled

Combat footage, Korean war – newsreel (1950)

Zeroing & Using A Scorebook – Rifle Marksmanship with the M1 Garand Rifle (1942) part 1

Iraqis explode a dangerously close suicide bomber with machine gun fire

Syrian students lesson plan interrupted by airstrike

Russian hand grenade RGN and RGO

U.S Forces in an Intense FireFight!