Car vs Main Battle Tank: Leopard 2A4 rams into cars at full speed

Leopard 2A4 Foremost Battle Tanks of the Austrian Military assigned to the sixth Tank Firm, 14th Panzer Battalion drive by means of the precision driving course, operated by U.S. Troopers, assigned to seventh Military Coaching Command, as a part of the Robust Europe Tank Problem (SETC) at seventh Military Coaching Command’s Grafenwoehr Coaching Space, Germany, June 5, 2018.


35 thoughts on “Car vs Main Battle Tank: Leopard 2A4 rams into cars at full speed

  1. National Fiasco says:

    Oh man Im pretty sure his insurance premium will go up, not to mention the lawsuits from accident lawyers 😀

  2. Kiraro The Kitsune says:

    Well then

  3. this should be declared "oddly satisfying" … 🙂

  4. ADRIAAN1007 says:

    Another innocent is sacrificed to gaigin in hope of better ping and packet loss.

  5. Vitor Birchler says:

    The cars is my whishes and the leopard was 2020. 🙁

  6. Rene Briones says:

    What a f……… blast !!!!!! Go USA!!!!

  7. Benedict Mannheim says:

    Were tanks always this fast

  8. Commander: play time bois
    Tank drivers: yeayy

  9. ZeFrendlyMedic says:

    That is basicly what we hope for when we buy a tank and we are blocked in a supermarket.

  10. Easy DaRon says:

    Kicking against a car can break your foot. Driving over that car with a tank is like hitting a thin cardboard box.

  11. MannyXVIII says:

    This video made me clean my Monitor.

  12. Mayor of Spirits says:

    U dumb pussy tank drivers u can do all that shits there only u can't do any in war.

  13. Trash! over head! Some Peugeot cars!… Run the over! No mercy!

  14. Niklas Boehm says:

    Gone, reduced to atoms.

  15. Aidan Begovic says:

    It's literally just like a speed bump in a car,but 30x heavier than a car

  16. Ultra X Instinct xx says:

    GTA5 please take notes

  17. Japanese Suicide Forest – actually a video about watches and umbrella hats

  18. Thanks for crushing the PT cruiser. 👍

  19. BlackEpyon says:

    Sorry there buddy. Didn't see you there.

  20. The tank was like did i hit something oh well.

  21. now crush a brand new ferrari

  22. Germany BDP goes ☝️

  23. Alberto Giavani says:

    At first he pushes the car then he squash it

  24. timothy1949 says:

    the last time the Germans drove that fast in a tank they drove all the way into France.

  25. Epiknis 303 says:

    Honestly the PT cruiser looked better after being crushed

  26. Dawid Zabłotny says:

    No one cares about the helpful little vehicle that brought the car at the beggining ;(

  27. Lynizie - says:

    When german use leopard 2 in ww2 to do blitzkrieg

  28. Why car not explode like gta.. fake

  29. Varrunning Trains says:

    "Did you fell anything?"
    "Alright I did t think so either"

  30. Andrei Rînea says:

    This would be interesting with crash test dummies inside the cars.

  31. Hahahah lmao lmao lmao put a nokia and the tank will go boom

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