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Captured Vietcong footage. NVA soldiers patrolling through jungle. Helicopter and jets fly overhead. Vietcong soldiers practicing guerilla techniques. Soldier blowing bugle while other advance. Soldiers running through jungle and engaging in combat. Communist demonstrations in jungle, clapping and waving small North Vietnam flags. Printing propaganda pamphlets. Soldiers in Combat. Bridge building and repairs in jungle. Officer giving lecture to soldier.



    Communist are not bad…. Democrats and Republicans are Murderers of my family members of VIETNAM… I'm glad God let the Vietnamese win…. Nobody payed attention to the Tax Building the US Government put up in Saigon in 1970 or the 10 Assembly of God Churches they built in Vietnam during the War. They were trying to turn the Vietnamese into their Slaves to the Tax System here in the US. I hate AMERICA. They took the farms from everyone and everyone is blinded by their Murderous tyraids to enslave the World with the United Kingdom that controls 53 other countries besides their own. Slavery that's what it is but no one sees it but the poor people who don't use money or don't have money to pay which is just paper and rock.

  2. TheGoldcolor says:

    north Vietnam was 6 months from capitulating from Operation ARC LIGHT

  3. Cacao nóng says:

    women for vc : fight and sp
    women for arvn : bitch for us

  4. Luis Ramon says:

    Very ingenious. Took advantage of anything that could help them. Most of all sheer determination.

  5. Mr Google says:

    At least they were defending their country which was invaded by the bullies. Sad that a nation invades another and then calls the locals terrorists or guerrillas

  6. Richard Barry says:

    It’s incredible what the NVA and VC accomplished during this horrible war through their intelligence and hard work

  7. Charles Hunter says:

    Vietcong used weapons that were very primitive but yet very super affective

  8. cortes Juan says:

    Of course the American losers have to respect the winners of this war! Salutes to the greatest and bravest Vietnamese people that defeated the US invasors ,! Well done,salutes from medellin colombia

  9. Javaking CaliMan says:

    Amazing!!! Guerrilla warfare and we would bare arms too if outsiders attacked your homes and villages. Great films

  10. Perfect Stranger says:

    Many North Vietnamese soldiers travelled south, often walking the entire distance to the battle zones.

    They had left their families. They had left their loved ones and their homes.

    Many would never return

    Many wouldn't return for several years. Back home the flowers blossomed. Back home life went on. These were harrowing times.

    The Vietnam War was a catastrophe for all sides


  12. NN let's go says:

    Sad when a people and a country had to sacrifice and suffer so much. War is ugly, and Vietnam has had such a cursed history for almost two centuries. Today Vietnam is full of young people who are descendants of those in the film, who most likely are dead. The young people, like everyone else, love a peaceful life, grow up, grow old, fulfill their dreams. Those in the film would have wanted such a life also, but they had no choice but to engage in a brutal war and sacrifice their lives.

  13. Mark IT Geek says:

    The Vietnamese took a horrible beating, massive casualties year after year, but wouldn't give up trying to drive the foreigners out of their country. It's astonishing to know that a tiny impoverished nation… withstood that, and ended up winning.

  14. Jameson Oof says:

    Dont disrespect their determination to put you out of your misery.

  15. We Vietnamese people love peace and humane treatment of prisoners but will fight the enemy to the last to protect the Fatherland.

  16. Quang Nguyen says:

    these communist are barbaric, they just have more soldiers, their tactic are human wave. there are not thing good about them

  17. Horror Vlog says:

    Vietnam a heroic people, you collect materials from many aspects, I love Vietnam

  18. Humanforfreedom 95 says:

    Patriots who resisted an invader. I would do the exact same. I’m not a communist tho, but for nationalistic reasons I would always grab arms and kill anybody who invaded my country.

  19. Street Of Gold says:

    Recommended to watch: nostressmike AK vs AR – facts

  20. objectively speaking, leaving politics out of it, brave , determined and succesful they were

  21. While american women were tending to there spoiled daily chores vietnames women were out there giving there lives fighting for the unification of there country wtf!

  22. Please no more Vietnam Wars and no more drafts. I am so sick of American boys dying for other countries people. Let their boys fight their wars. Respect and Honor the American Soldiers.

  23. Hoa Nguyên Hương says:

    HỒ và MAO, hai con SÚC VẬT phá nát tàn nước nam

  24. thúy duyên says:

    Bộ đội giải phóng rất kiên cường,,,thấp bé nhẹ cân mà làm nên ls, chúng cháu nhớ công ơn các chú đời…đời

  25. VN Nagoya says:

    Một đội quân anh hùng từ nhân dân sinh ra vì nhân dân chiến dấu! Cảm ơn tất cả những hy sinh của họ cho một Việt Nam hoà bình độc lập ngày hôm nay!

  26. subar24601 says:

    what if america dropped atomic bomb in this place? surely it would be a different world. this is the reason why i am not supportive of huge bombings especially the atomic one

  27. Jack Kidd says:

    I am always surprised to see NVA and Viet Cong armed with M16s.

  28. Tấn khoa Nguyễn says:

    Giết hết bọn mỹ_ngụy lấy ánh sáng cho dân tộc việt nam

  29. GOMER PYLE says:

    The white American government supported this war because of the race of the indigenous people

  30. Tony Taylor says:

    It’s a propaganda film and a a lot of it is staged. I think don’t quote me it was shot in 1966 but captured during operation Junction City in 1967 in one if the clips it says Tay Ninh and you see the Black Virgin Mountain in the background it’s an area the 9th VC operated. However it’s a compilation and flashes cards supposedly shot at different places. Mostly in III Corp idk Cheers as well.

  31. David Shapcott says:

    I have enourmous respect for the Vietnamese who overcame invasions by the French, Americans, Cambodians and Chinese. When they threw out the Americans, I resolved to visit Vietnam after it opened up to tourists, make friends with the old people who made this miracle happen and learn their language. It has been a very enriching journey

  32. rowb early says:

    So, the Commies won, and went on to invade other nations relentlessly, stealing resources and deposing democratically elected Governments….OOOPS, no, the commies won and minded their own business, except when they invaded Cambodia,deposed the genocidal Khmer Rouge,..then went home. The loser US, on the other hand…..

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