Camp Pendleton’s First FEMALE integrated Marine Combat Training Company conducts LIVE-FIRE MANEUVER

22 thoughts on “Camp Pendleton’s First FEMALE integrated Marine Combat Training Company conducts LIVE-FIRE MANEUVER

  1. Zachary Robinson says:

    This dumb fucking shit. You think our enemies are allowing this weakness? Politicians forcing those who serve to do this just because they can make them is beyond low.

  2. 1:35 lol of course that fucker has A- blood type. (Receive from all give to none)

  3. I can hear SSGT Boll's voice lmao

  4. Sceneryz XBL says:

    My brother is in this video!!

  5. zomeister says:

    Not even a month there and these females were already fucking dudes

  6. Based Capone says:

    No more pissing in the woodline gents. Welcome to integration

  7. Russian Bears says:

    Do you know how Russian athletes train? Subscribe to the our channel and you will see

  8. Counter Shill: Memetic Operations says:

    Bad idea

  9. David Boson says:

    they look like people

  10. Political Correctness is destroying this country!

  11. Cktime ThirtyTwo says:

    They all wanna be front lines till the bullets start flying. Then they all want back in admin. This country is fucked with all this PC bull shit

  12. sharpshiell says:

    How combat effective where they campaired to an all male unit??? Serious question I'm not trolling or being a keklord. Is there goverment data to show that this feminism equity shit is a risk to national sevurity in the west?

  13. clifjr954 says:

    This "me too" bullshit is outta control

  14. Do some range runs with full 240 system or some fireman carries and record that. Either way, women have been doing MCT for a long time, just not integrated.

  15. Blake tirey says:

    Men and women belong in the military because we all desirve equal, even if it includes serveing, and not a lot of women would do things like this but more or less in the military there is no i, me, mine, because there all one aslong as you know someone is there to cover your six, gender shouldnt matter

  16. Smenister says:

    thank fucking god i'm out this is the end of the cohesive unit your combat tampons have arrived

  17. Women don’t belong in a combat unit. Strap a pack on her, a 5 gallon water jug, your mre’s, and a motor base or tube. Publicity stunt 100%. Make every women sign up for the draft. A marine combat unit is a sacred thing. Don’t fuck it up by pc’ng the fucking Corps. Thank God I’m out now.

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