Cambodia – Vietnam Crushes Pol Pot

(31 Dec 1979) CAMBODIA – Vietnam Crushes Pol Pot
(Pat Mute SOUND)
GVs large refugee camp at Sa Keo in Thailand
CU refugee baby
GVs crowds in camp
Food handed out to refugees
Sick refugees in medical tent
Babies in cardboard boxes
Weapons, shelling and grenade throwing
People in Phnom Penh carrying injured through streets after rocket attack
Dead being buried in mass graves
Soldier wrapping body of dead child
Soldiers burning bodies
GVs supplies being unloaded at Phnom Penh docks
Air view, fields
Skulls and bones of Pol Pot victims, in field
Girl looking shocked, holding veil to face
More skulls and bones
Ankgor Wat temples
GVs destruction in temples
Ext building where trial held
Trial of Pol Pot in his absence
Cambodian leader Heng Samrin, visiting Hanoi, walking past cheering crowds and children waving flags
Heng Samrin on stage, receiving applause from audience
Thai traders visiting refugee camp, selling goods, including shirts,
GVs camp: man with amputated leg on crutches
Suffering girl, having water poured into mouth
Refugee sitting on ground
(End part mute SOUND)

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