Burma's Secret Civil War [3/3] (w/old combat footage)

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This selfmade documentary shows the still existing but long forgotten combats & fightings between Karen Rebels and the Burmese Army.

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21 thoughts on “Burma's Secret Civil War [3/3] (w/old combat footage)

  1. Trumpet man says:

    I didn't know they ware their was high quality video of Karen jungal warfare

  2. rilo ariicho ariicho says:

    Who are the karen? What tribe are the karen? Why Burmese government trying to destroy karen people??

  3. HIGH Schooler says:

    Wow Myanmar have hell more soldiers than Karen soldiers and they still can’t defeat Karen people wow Myanmar military is so weak and shit

  4. dusty junior says:

    May God be with you always.We know your struggles,we are from your neighbouring country.We cant do anything to help except pray.I believe God will find a way to end your war.Peace

  5. salam wilson says:

    And what is the German interest in myammar ???????

  6. Thanks for the video we are KAREN peoples we needed help to get freedom

  7. Ripper Mizo says:

    Is Karen The good guy and Burma the bad guy? In 2019 who are Karen anyway?

  8. ยักษ์ ยืนยาม says:

    นักรบ คะเรนนี่กู้ชาติคนไทยส่วนมากไม่ค่อยรู้จัก เท่ากับกะเหรี่ยงหรือไทยใหญ่ แต่ก็ขอให้สำเร็จตามใจมุ่งหวังนะครับ

  9. Mr. German, teach them like NAZI SS !

  10. Thoufeeq Vp says:

    Burma Buddhist terror army

  11. Alan Kharkongor says:

    Fight for your right god always with you Karen people love from meghalaya shillong

  12. omry ningshen says:

    Long live Karen

  13. I’m KAREN
    I try to find
    My people history
    Thanks you too much for post

  14. Liantuang Hawlhang says:

    Filthy Burma…Dictator

  15. Thanks for the video and my parent and grand parent are a karen army who protect the village people in Burma from spdc

  16. kokang is a part of china

  17. Dazzle Twonine says:

    this such a good video,, its a important history evidence of video..thanks for recorded the video.. cheers..!!!!!

  18. A Wharf Somewhere says:

    those people need help! How can the rest of the world sit back and watch this stuff go on and not give a shit! < makes me sick to be a human sometimes

  19. karen blood says:

    thank for the video…

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