Brutal (Aug 13,2021) UK Help Japan to Revenge Nuclear Threats China

UK Help Japan to Revenge Nuclear Threats China

FURIOUS UK has fired back at China after the country threatened to use nuclear weapons against Japan earlier this week.

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Defence Secretary Ben Wallace has warned that the West has to do everything it can to avoid a Cold War in Asia. Mr Wallace also claimed that China does not scare the UK, as he insisted that a new aircraft carrier will sail whenever international law allows. He said: “It’s no secret that China shadows and challenges ships transiting international waters on very legitimate routes. “We will respect China and we hope that China respects us . . . we will sail where international law allows.”

Mr Wallace also told The Times that despite the fact that China claims sovereignty over most of the South China Sea, Britain had a “duty” to insist on freedom of navigation when HMS Queen Elizabeth and its fleet sail through on their way to Japan.

Source : express/By KRIS BORATYN

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