GV’s of British Fleet at sea. Various shots of Naval ships, destroyers, etc being re-fuelled at sea. Transferring pilots by breeches buoy. Crew aboard aircraft carrier pulling rope connected to breeches. Destroyer alongside aircraft carrier. GV of an aircraft carrier in hull coming right our o fthe water, of the ‘Indefatigable’ class. GV of King George V battleship. Aboard carrier men fencing to keep fit. Others overhaul plane engines, load with ammunition and bombs also torpedoes. Corsair plane on elevator rising to flight deck. Pilots being briefed. Pilots board their planes. Corsairs, engines starts, taxi and take off, several take offs. Avengers ditto. Planes in formation fly overhead. GV King George V. Jap suicide (kamikaze pilot) plane attacks fleet, pom poms, small ack ack open fire on same. Two Kamikazes seen to fall in sea. Crew hold up rubber dinghy captured from Jap prisoner. Planes return at dusk, silhouettes of Avengers landing, caught by arrester gear. Corsairs landing, one hits superstructure catches fire and foam played on same. Pilots walk along flight deck. Corsair wreck thrown overboard. CU sailors, watching for other planes returning. CU one looking thru binoculars, LS planes returning, signaller with lights attached to his arms he signals planes into land, same landing. GV at dusk of fleet at sea.

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