Insiders on team Fury reveal the game plan that will stop Anthony Joshua like the historic sparring session that the to encounter years ago stay tuned (MUST SEE)


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  1. Ancient Future says:

    Did anyone compare they way they fought klitchko? Who had the better victory? Who had the sweeter victory? What things did Tyson do better than AJ on those fights?

  2. Osagie Abraham says:

    Deontay wilder is not a boxer, he's a one punch fighter… Anthony Joshua is a Dynamic Dynamite, he's unpredictable… Watch out!!!

  3. Robert Wallace says:

    Let’s be real, Tyson looks skinny in recent interviews, like he’s lighter than he’s ever been, and always wearing baggy clothing, beard covering his face, I’m telling you he’s lean and mean underneath, he’s stepping in that ring with more speed and stamina than we’ve ever seen from him

    He’s about to go in, wear Joshua down with body shots, take minimum damage and use very little gas, then he’s going to turn the tempo up in the 8th and AJ is gonna regret getting in the ring with that man

  4. dbenders1 says:

    Yeah. He is not going to have a shot to AJs body like the shot on Wilder. Wilder covered up like girl and left his body open for a shot. If he is going to beat AJ, he has to box and move.

  5. freddys pizza boy says:

    Fury fights southpaw too. AJ has his hands full with Fury.

  6. Aaron Walls says:

    That bending down throwing body shots is only gonna open him up to uppercuts.

  7. Warchief Thrall says:

    Fury's gotta work on that straight right punch. In the third round of the Wilder rematch, when he knocked down Wilder with a straight right, he was dragging his back foot where all the power comes from, instead of planting it and ending the fight. It's disappointing because everyone would be regarding him as someone, whos not just a skilled and smart boxer, but a devastating puncher. Fury still beats Joshua inside 12 rounds, but he definitely struggles throwing lengthy power punches.

  8. William Cumberbatch Bethelmi says:

    I wonder why this channel video start with a black woman in swimming dress in all the videos I seen and for no good reason unless the chauvinist vibe is still alive here. Have some respect for black women “bro” talk your boxing and cut the crap please!

    Btw AJ win by knockout in 5-7 max….. long boring subject!!!!

  9. Jack Wiliam says:

    Click bate ridding the names.

  10. charlie omeara says:

    I see a lotta hate for fury on here! I’m looking forward to seeing that fight. If Andy Ruiz can whoop AJs ass, I’d say Fury has a pretty good chance too.

  11. Remy Eches says:

    Easier said than done.

  12. Wondering if Kubrat Pulev's jaws were still fit to smash potatoes after Aj's upper cuts …#CounterPunch;

  13. David Redfern says:

    Tyson has many tools in his Arsenal. You could start with his chin. However the man is so big and heavy people tend to underestimate his speed and agility. It's. Gonna take a well ORCHESTRATED game plan. For either fighter. Joshua has worked hard to be the holder of multiple belts. That didn't happen by accident. It's gonna be a top ten boxing. Turning point for sure. CAN NOT WAIT !!!

  14. Adebisi Oluwafemi says:

    Hmmmmm anyway, let the fight be fixed first. Maybe you're right maybe you're not? Till then!

  15. Christopher Gittings says:

    He hit Nicholas asberry with gloves with no padding in them in sparring fool.

  16. Christopher Gittings says:

    this guy is a fury fanboy💉💩🏃‍♂️🆘

  17. Fury have to cheat to win a fight he's been like that through out his career watch otto wallin send the cheater Fury to the hospital

  18. Danny Bartlett says:

    Fury's body shots are nothing special and won't worry AJ lets not forget AJ hits like a donkey his hits are painful as hell. Turned pulev and made him turn his back his finishing power is what will beat Fury. Team fury will be looking for a weakness but AJ has the better team and they know how to beat fury simple as tht

  19. BLACK STAR MEDIA 1 says:

    Can't see it happening. Aj's to mobile . Anyone can hit a coach standing still in body pads and look good.

  20. Does this guy have anything worth listening too…no

  21. Sweetbwoy Vibez says:

    Andy Ruiz beat up Joshua with body shots from round 5 6 7

  22. Lucille Dadang says:

    Fury already said that he had Joshua wincing from body shots in their sparring.

  23. Andrei Korbachenko says:

    Both fighters have improved, matured & have learned multible styles since they sparred a decade or so ago. Any man who is a heavyweight can knock you out. Look at Danny Willams where he knocked out Mark Potter in the final round with a left hook because Danny had dislocated his right shoulder, This is the fight that gave him the chance to fight Mike Tyson& he beat Mike Tyson. #COUNTERPUNCHED

  24. "The Steroid 💉King" Vs "The Gypsy👑King"

  25. Buddy Gunner says:

    Best Non boast channel on You tube great work Kurt!!!

  26. i like th breakdown that i can see happening for real, even with fury from a south paw stance sitting on that wide at rand left hook to the body!!

  27. Johnson Johnson says:

    If he try this body shot on AJ …. the left hook that will come from AJ will send him to th3 morgue

  28. BlindProphet says:

    Foreman had one of the best chins ever Ali was the only guy to ever stop him. Even into his 40's nobody else knocked him out.

  29. Duane Soto says:

    Tyson fury is going to win

  30. Fisher Genius says:

    A lot of people underestimate AJ’s intelligence; AJ plays mind games as well. I think he was emphasizing the uppercut talk because he wants Tyson fury to be wary of his uppercut come fight night, so Tyson fury doesn’t get too brave like he did against wilder older in the rematch. It’s obvious AJ isn’t stupid to give away the game plan like that, telling fury the punches he would land on him. AJ play similar mind games with Andy Ruiz in the rematch, during their final face off he asked Ruiz, “how do I beat you”?, Ruiz was a bit stunned by the question but he smiled and answered, “You probably would have to box me around the ring”; AJ was try to gauge Andy Ruiz’s inner insecurities before the fight. People need to stop underestimating how cerebral AJ can be at times.

  31. AudiAliasTT says:

    Kurt, AJ uses his punches on apponants not on trainers like Fury da bully.

  32. AudiAliasTT says:

    Fury is a bully beating on his trainer.

  33. AudiAliasTT says:

    Wilder was very much top heavy.

  34. AudiAliasTT says:

    "Dropping power"! Why not use it then🤔💪


    He goes to the body, he gives up his head. I remember and old UFC fight, it was Chuck “The Iceman” Liddell and Rampage Jackson I think, and Liddell’s corner told him do not go to the body because this dude will knock you out. Liddell got KOed and when he came to he asked what happened and his cornerman said “You went to the F-ing body.” Tyson is so slippery though. See a lot of older generation boxers like Ali in Fury.

  36. I think if Tyson Fury has body punches as he's strategy up his sleeve against AJ, he needs to learn fast from Dillian Whyte and change his strategy."The Body Snatcher", did just that and was knocked out senses by AJ!.Remember Dillian Whyte is the other fighter other than AJ, who is also said to have beat down Tyson Fury in sparring a couple of times!

  37. Ashley Berridge says:

    I didn't know the word ok started with a M

  38. Graeme Murray says:

    Fury will out box a static AJ who only knows one way to fight whereas Tyson Fury can fight any style he perceives to be the winning combo , if AJ trys to march Tyson down like his robotic style demands Tyson will adapt and punch lumps out of AJ ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Look at what Andy Ruiz Jr did to AJ at two weeks notice and very little training, on well aimed shot to the temple and AJ didn't know what day of the week it was. Tyson Fury is a far superior fighter than Ruiz Jr and if this massive guy catches AJ with any kind of power shot to the body or the head then its lights out for AJ , this is only my opinion but having watched AJ v Ruiz Jr 1 , AJ lost heart and his belts. There's no point in having these big punches in your toolbox if you can't back them up with heart and heart is something Tyson has over AJ in spades , I can't see anything but a Tyson Fury win be it by ko , tko or on points there will only be one winner and that will be Tyson the gypsy king Fury ,,,,,,, 👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊

  39. Ashley Berridge says:

    I didn't know the word ok started with a M

  40. Ashley Berridge says:

    I haven't even watched this yet and I can already tell you the title of this video is absolute nonsense. Like this will ever happen

  41. bev johnson says:

    If Joshua was hitting Fury with uppercuts when he was a teenager, as sure as eggs are eggs, he will hit him with uppercuts now.

  42. jason nielson says:

    kurt ! i take my hat off to you mate , you are exactly right 👌 people tend to forget how many people fury has knocked out

  43. Dustin Mallaley says:

    Tyson is great a boxer he can move around with eez and then go add the more aggressive style mix together can be dangerous I'm not a fan boi but its things like you said u realize he can do it all we've got to never forget these guys very often well rounded very versatile in many ways they both have that it's going to be amazing fight

  44. Peter Udubra says:

    The so called body shot power of fury has only worked against just one fighter name wilder, no one else.

  45. The body shots in the 4th were lethal

  46. Michael Hernandez says:

    Tyson fury will destroyed anthony joshua he's very smart

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