Boy films frenzied Islamic State fighters in Mosul

Sky News has obtained footage, believed to have been filmed by a young boy, which shows frenzied Islamic State fighters attacking Iraq’s Special Forces in Mosul.

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21 thoughts on “Boy films frenzied Islamic State fighters in Mosul

  1. Phil The Thot Destroyer says:

    bruh 90% of the time they arent shooting at anything

  2. orlando B says:

    Im pretty sure they didnt hit a single person. Not even the guy using the wheelchair was it

  3. Gugljesmece Obicno says:

    These guys are real life storm troooers, I will be surprised if they can hit once in 10 000 rounds.

  4. A little boy singing about war and killing! I thought this was the religion of peace? They don’t even have peace between each other it seems.

  5. johnnykaw says:

    The IA is fucked, if they couldn't beat these dudes. No different than in '07 when we were training them. Completely unteachable and of no use to anybody except as cannon fodder. What a waste.

  6. ꧁꧁AARHAN SHARMA꧂꧂ says:

    Death by now 🤣🤣😂😂 searching for heaven 🤣🤣💩💩💩,,🤣🤣🤣😂 funded by Pakistan ,💩

  7. Sledgeman66 says:

    The one on the other side of the room looks like jihadi Jake

  8. pleznt808 says:

    On something else… Maybe… Then see all the rata in the comments claim brainwashing when they lap up the propaganda like a dog lapping water on a hot day.

  9. They prolly ain’t even hitting anything tho there just spraying bullets and don’t care where they go lmao

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