Bombed Cities in North Vietnam 1960s, Vietnam War in Color | Kinolibrary

Bombed Cities in North Vietnam 1960s, Vietnam War from the Kinolibrary Archive Film Collections. To order the clip clean and high res or to find out more visit Clip ref AB71.
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1967 Nam Dinh destroyed city, man walks through rubble of ruined buildings. Felix Greene presents to the camera from the rubble ‘the officials here tell me that the city has been bombed 59 times’. Destroyed buildings. Closed shops, deserted streets. Lone cyclists along empty road. Ghost town. Shoe lying in the rubble. Destroyed church. Bombed graveyard. Bombed small towns – Phat Diem, Phu Ly, Nin Binh.
POV from side window of car through bombed town past destroyed buildings, occasionally see people trying to clear up in rubble, salvage.
Rural village, women past carrying baskets, mud huts. Little boys sit out on the ground. Bomb crater. MCU sad man and son, son wears white mourning bandage on his head, man talks about his wife and son being killed by a bomb a few days earlier. Pan bombed village.

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