Blue Angels F/A-18 (360 Cockpit View)

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (April 27, 2018) A 360 diploma view reveals the Blue Angels Diamond formation performing a half squirrel cage on takeoff on the Wings Over Myrtle Seaside air present.


8 thoughts on “Blue Angels F/A-18 (360 Cockpit View)

  1. Вадим Довганюк says:

    Украiна Чехiя

  2. sleepyholloable says:

    Whoa my phone shows every view when i turn my phone… didnt kno I could do that….

  3. Logan Stroganoff says:

    What do you do when you have to take a dump in flight?

  4. you people are nothing , we are proud of our Hero Pilot Abhinandan 💪 Great Indian Pilot

  5. David Eustache says:

    Recently saw them practice at their home. Pensacola N.A.S. 🌴

  6. Hakon Eide says:

    Surprising coach bad Senate couch shadow issue spring cattle penalty.

  7. 老秦人从不饶舌 says:

    Dcs World

  8. 360 and HD, this is the future, not 360 nad 360p

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