Bloody Combat Footage In The Battle of Normandy – Rare Color Footage You've Never Seen Before [HD]

The Normandy Landings, codenamed Operation Neptune, supported Operation Overlord and paved the way for the liberation of Europe. The Allies selected Normandy as the landing site for the invasion because it provided the best access to France’s interior. Initially planned for May 1944, the invasion was delayed until June due to a lack of landing craft. Weather conditions almost caused another delay, but Commander of the Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Force General Dwight Eisenhower made the decision to proceed as planned.

20 thoughts on “Bloody Combat Footage In The Battle of Normandy – Rare Color Footage You've Never Seen Before [HD]

  1. And now look at what this country has become-full of degeneracy and stupidity, sensitivity and obesity. If they saw what would be the result of their actions, they would have put down their rifles and went home.

  2. Sushi the Idiot says:

    These men must have balls of steel after this battle

  3. Richard Montano says:

    I salute every man and allie that died during this time

  4. Varias generaciones de valientes enviados a la muerte. La estupidez humana no tiene límites. Qué desgracia.

  5. Alan Gower says:

    Those men were real hero's and so dam brave love sent to them all 😙

  6. Jj Jimenez says:

    The Americans had so much. And that's only one front.

  7. They should show this footage in all public schools.

  8. Some Gamer says:

    It’s crazy to think about the fact 85 million people died in that war

  9. Incognito Mode says:

    Old men start it, young men fight it..

  10. screaming chivo says:

    imagine just graduating high school or being one of the lucky ones who got to go to college and next thing you know you're being given 3 choices … France, Japan or Germany … those were REAL world problems back then … today we INVENT our very own problems … and it is all by design … what is happening to America today is NO ACCIDENT

  11. Memory of a time that mens were just Brother in arms before everything else.
    Not white, yellow or black, not christian muslim jews or atheist not heterosexuel or gay.
    Just brother fighting together against enemies.
    Is there more brotherhood in war than in peace?

  12. Worsie Poepies says:

    War will never be like this again…

  13. Cesar Espinosa says:

    Its sad to think some of these guys were only little kids…

  14. Alain Koch says:

    Hmm… in the movie 300, a small number of soldiers who give their live to defend their country against a huge invasion force are called heroes..
    how come in this case it’s the other way around? In my opinion the only heroes in a war are those who refuse to fight. .

  15. Pretty sure this a HCT video

  16. Ark Technical says:

    US 1940's: Men charging machine guns
    US 2020: Killing a person over having a different opinion

  17. This footage is why we should never allow neo-nazi to have a chance in the US

  18. Anarchsis says:

    Imagine being a survivor of WW1, having a son, only to see your son deployed to the same battlefields that you survived, and then receiving a telegram from the War Department and a visit from your local Pastor or Priest telling you that your son lay dead on the beaches of France.

  19. Robert Sanders says:

    The valor and the sheer determination of all these young men is utterly indescribable… God forbid we should EVER face such horrors as these men did… Truly they were part of the greatest generation this nation has ever seen…What is coming, though, will be such that has never happened since there was a nation… We must be united and strong as a nation. A God-fearing nation… We must turn back to Him. We are in the cusp

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