BIGGEST NAVAL BATTLE OF WWII (Part 1): The Battle of Leyte Gulf | Battle 360 | History

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The Battle of Leyte was an amphibious invasion that launched the beginning of the recapture and liberation of the entire Philippines after almost three years of Japanese occupation in this clip from “Battle of Leyte Gulf”. #Battle360
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40 thoughts on “BIGGEST NAVAL BATTLE OF WWII (Part 1): The Battle of Leyte Gulf | Battle 360 | History

  1. neldon magayones says:

    Nice history 👍👌

  2. Bedford Carter says:

    USS Appling APA 58

  3. azur lane brought me here

  4. Ma. Corazon Mabanag says:

    Yamato was destroyed by aircraft carriers of the US

  5. My name is Nyeff says:

    Ah yes Yamato, the bbiggest ship also Prinz Eugen Tirpitz and Bismark the best ships in WW2 😊

  6. Catherine LW says:

    My late father's older cousin was a pilot who fought in the Battle of Leyte Gulf. RIP, cousin Richard Harris.

  7. Kuromime Blackforest says:

    Musashi is sunken at siergao east entrance bay philippines. Microsoft found it

  8. zahira rahman says:

    Yeah its unfair ipthat yamato was weak in japan.

  9. JUST W8 N I'LL B GR8 says:

    Oct. 20, 1994.., 50th Anniv. of the historic Leyte Landing..,
    I was there watching the re-enactment, not knowing the significance of the whole event.., thanx to Battle 360 series and History Channel for showing us history.

  10. Ruined film with falsified added shots added to the mix made it a waste of time to watch.

  11. SparkyFister says:

    History Channel is like the worst history channel on this site.

  12. Giancarlo Tubal says:

    They should make a movie about this starring tom hanks

  13. Kevin Morada says:

    I love how underpowered Philippines is, and Duterte doesn’t even want good nuke weapons, wtf dumb president

  14. Kevin Morada says:

    Iowa: What did I miss?
    Yamato: Dont bother

  15. Alex Jr Gutierrez says:

    this video helped me with a project at school

  16. Dennis Menace says:

    I'd rather be a fighter on land than on the sea, just saying I'd rather
    have the chance of running away as apposed to swimming away in the
    middle of an ocean

  17. onlythewise1 says:

    but can they go through the panama canal

  18. Thelma Richmond says:


  19. Beginning of ww2 Japanese admirals thoughts: "for these battleships to sink it would take a massive amount of firepower our enemy will not have"
    The US after it gets its stuff together after pearl harbor: "hold my cup of coffee"

  20. Bryan Thompson says:

    The PH has a very strategic location. Now even China is trying to seize their territories.

  21. Imba Payne Aj TV says:

    I need the full documentary on this.

  22. Nardplayz says:

    thanks for saving are land american mabuhay

  23. FurryDelta says:

    Japan: Yo USA can I have some territory.
    USA: No.
    Japan: attacks Pearl Harbor
    USA and the allies: push the Japanese out of Australia and the surrounding islands.

  24. Sunset Shimmer Shimmercode says:

    Battle 360 is actually using clips from Dogfights.

  25. Aashis Rajbhandari says:

    todays world could be very different than we living now if japan and German won ww2 . but the sacrifice by those young and brave soldiers who is not only fighting for there country also for Asia and Europe .they are bravest man ever lived in earth

  26. Fortune YT says:

    I still miss yamato 🙁

  27. Luthfi Dzikra Moersidin says:

    Itali low at morale, thats why their ground force were sucks

  28. Luthfi Dzikra Moersidin says:

    The greatest navy in ww2 axis side:
    Japanes, italia, and germens

    The greatest air plane army in ww2 axis side: germens, japanese, italia

    The greatest ground army in ww2 axis side: germens, japanese, itali

  29. the animations are a innovation back then but today they look bad

  30. Taoru Izuku says:

    The musashi sunk on our gulf

  31. The Yamato could have cruised in and easily destroyed the American invasion fleet at Leyte Gulf….but it was scared away by a bunch of brave little destroyers…..just like a big grizzly bear being chased off by a pack of dogs.

  32. Jeremie Calape says:

    Philippines is so stratedgic country..

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