Behind the Scenes – Mortal Kombat 1 (Extended Version) [Rare Footage]

The making of the first Mortal Kombat game. Extended version of a old video with more (and very rare) footage.


47 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes – Mortal Kombat 1 (Extended Version) [Rare Footage]

  1. mexicano TUPAK says:

    Os comerciais esta acabando com o ioutube.

  2. 90s kid:why they looks like real poeple?
    Today:cause I T I S

  3. B R Y A N T S I H O M B I N X says:

    Youtube membawaku kesini.

  4. D j silva says:

    👍🇧🇷happy childhood

  5. welcome home says:

    kano id dance called "friendships "

  6. Gagan Kumar says:

    Sonyas uppercut still makes my legs shake

  7. Gagan Kumar says:

    this makes me feel so weird in a good way

  8. Eze quiel says:

    You are hired, You are Fired

  9. artificial intelligence says:

    Tak robiono dobry mk1 ,a teraz mk11 same animacje nic ciekawego

  10. ej_ soul_jah says:

    Watching this old school again.. MORTAL COMBAT is coming soon this April, 2021! Awesome!

  11. Davey's Room says:

    Damn. So good! Haha

  12. bluerex21 says:

    Now I feel like dusting off my sega genesis, put in my MK1 cartridge, then enter the ABACABB code in the beginning to enable blood and game on.

  13. Demie Gamboa says:

    Seems like yesterday

  14. Opus Online says:

    First game I ever played and it's amazing how far Mortal Kombat has come

  15. Sharp Design says:

    I'm just imagining how complicated it must have been cutting out each frame in post.

  16. Rianme1ster says:

    So where's the guy who said "WOHOOOOO" during uppercuts?

  17. Breaking Nerd says:

    Very nice and nostalgic !

  18. Louie Cafarella says:

    These ppl probably got paid next to nothing to do this.

  19. cypresspuz says:

    WTF i thought Kano was black in MK1

  20. -Keith- _EA1381_ says:

    So, about that new Mortal Kombat movie releasing this year of 2021. Is it me, or does it look pretty damn amazing?

  21. cujoedaman says:

    I wonder why they didn't show Chun Li…

  22. peñarol 1891 says:

    Jamas pense que youtuve me traeria el detras de camara de este juego maravilloso

  23. "rare" footage that's widely available on youtube. Right lol

    ED: Yeah… right ..!

  25. liquid STEEL says:

    I don't think they knew that they were creating the best fighting game of all time

  26. God I love kano's goofy dance 😂

  27. Axel Foley says:

    I remember reading about this in Sega Visions! lol. What a landmark game. It was perfect.



  28. the babygiraffeman says:

    This is actually amazing. I'm surprised to see the OG video stems of these games. Good shit.

  29. darkenvoy9991 says:

    This my friends is vintage wine. Iconic

  30. Bob Bender says:

    Oh man, these guys are good cosplayers..

  31. John Paul Dalber says:

    They were ahead of their time…

  32. Steven Ramiez says:

    The guy who did Kano was having fun with this😂

  33. Harvest Moon Howl says:

    The stop motion actor who portrayed Raiden looked robotic and wooden in his movements, but it worked! It worked so well. To this day, because of this game alone, my favourite character to pick in any Mortal Kombat installment is him.

  34. Charles Wagner says:

    This is awesome.

  35. napadaan lang says:

    When I was a kid, I smart guess the animations were based on real people because of how it looks like and then I found this video.

  36. Max Jacoby says:

    That feeling when in-game image quality is better than the video.

  37. Jeff Mattel says:

    Kano was in the first game?

  38. Hsu Wei-Yen says:

    They should make another game like this.

  39. jumpsuitsavage says:

    they put so much effort into the nut punch…🤣🤣🤣

  40. Станислав Родин says:

    Соня блейд как всегда потрясная тётенька!))

  41. This is probably one of the coolest videos I’ve ever found on YouTube.

  42. Equalizer Fireplace 2020 says:

    Did not new

  43. Taha Emamnejad says:

    Sooooo old
    It unlocked memories

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