Battleships : United States Military Weaponry Footage

Battleships in action : Declassified United States Military Weaponry Footage

24 thoughts on “Battleships : United States Military Weaponry Footage

  1. Tony Long says:

    If I could've joined the navy after my graduation in 1986,,,,,,, these are the ship's I wanted to be on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Easily one of the most amazing videos on YouTube: it delivers PERSPECTIVE.

  3. Jonnny Ren says:

    The moment I saw those 16s fire I instantly got reminded we used to fight like this. Now we have moronic LASERS.

  4. Erich Von Manstein says:

    Whos the idiot speaking that said "the ship moves sidways in the water when firing broadsides"? Hes a fucking lush. No the fuck it doesnt move. It wouldnt be a good gun platform if your moving all around like that. Also its been checked and tested and that is false.

  5. Helium Road says:

    That little buzzing sound that you hear passing quickly is one of the ship's radars sweeping past the video camera.

  6. LEON EGGERS says:

    That was Mighty Mo vs Lil Sister New Jersey. We Confirmed which Battleship was the Best ! I was in a 5'' Gun Mount and we were Pumping out Rounds Like Never Before. The Jeresy's CO Radioed Mo's CO and said IMPRESSIVE…….

  7. SST Flies says:

    This MISSOURI sailor calls B.S. on moving sideways during a broadside! SMC (SW/AW) (Ret)

  8. Shawn Madish says:

    USS Washington and USS South Dakota dueled the IJN Kiroshima this gives an idea what the battle looked like as the two American battleships had the same armament.

  9. Les Faust says:

    That is some awesome shit moving down range…..why do we still not have this!!!!!

  10. Ted Hernandez says:

    I would not want to be on the receiving end of that shit!!

  11. recorded with microwave

  12. Mark Brown says:

    They should bring the mighty beast of the sea the American battleships the most scariest vessels that roamed the ocean the American battleships kicked butt and they scared alot of ships that came there way and no one didn't mess with our battleships because if they did oh man they knew that there stupid for messing with them and they wish they haven't love battleships please us navy bring them back but make them even more strongly so I can work on one

  13. Mark Brown says:

    Jk I just wish I worked on Iowa or USS midway

  14. Mark Brown says:

    This bring back memories of the USS Iowa bb-61

  15. Rayalia Maelstrom says:

    Damn… I love the guns on Battleships…

  16. docwilly361 says:

    AWESOME    as an old Battleship sailor this brings back memories. sadly there will be no new battleship sailors in the future..USS WISCONSIN BB-64

  17. The Broke Legionary says:

    Multiply this times a few hundred, and you've the Iwo Jima beach landing.

  18. Galva Thunder says:

    you can view this from one of the battleships, just search sink ex 89

  19. jake stone says:

    If the government spent as much money on repairing the Iowa Class battleships and getting them back in active service condition as it does on building new, weaker and more fragile ships and manning them we wouldn't need as many ships. No country or continent in the world has anything that could come close to the firepower and armor as a Battleship has. Even when countries like Germany, Great Britain, Japan had battleships of their own, they couldn't match the power or strength of an American Battleship. Ask Japan what happened when they went against Fast Carrier Task Force in WW2 and the Great Mariana Turkey Shoot. 

  20. jake stone says:

    Can someone please tell me if "Lucky A' is there? i can't see the bow numbers

  21. Robert Norman Cloud says:

    Nothing like a few battleships (and heavy cruisers) to "soften" up a hostile beach before landing troops on said beach.

  22. thunder14062 says:

    Iam nobody2 months agoin reply to lander4545
    "~~I dont agree with liquid propellant they are far too dangerous to use."……………….You use a liquid propellent to fuel your car!! lmao!

  23. Iam nobody says:

    Well you tell that to Lebanon in 1982-3 and Serbia in 1999

  24. Iam nobody says:

    155/6in? they can hardly destroy tanks at their extreme range.

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