Battleship Musashi: Sistership of Yamato

A personal account of Japanese battleship Musashi’s sinking from a surviving crewmember.



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49 thoughts on “Battleship Musashi: Sistership of Yamato

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  2. onlythewise1 says:

    didnt know was so many ships of super power

  3. big one9732 allairw says:

    You… you showed footage of yamato at 0:00 the difference? AA guns a lot of AA guns and musachi had secondary on the sides like on top of the main guns but none the less still great ships!

    I might be wrong tough!

  4. AngeliqueKaga says:

    What Pearl Harbor was attacked, this country was pissed off shore to shore and then it's powerful industrial power came to bear and that's what helped to win the war.

  5. Forest Scott says:

    History really makes no sense … Japan had no real use for these Battle Ships ! Battle Ships sink commerse & supplies, or annialate coastal defences . American air power checked these ships before thier keels were laid !!! Sure Japan had carriers as well but !no! means to replace thier losses ! Bottom line … No one who ever made war on the U.S. 'ever' stood a chance to prevail ! So wuz up ?! 🤔 … $$$?

  6. Lisa-Azra Broad says:

    Check out Unsinkable, Japans lost battleship

  7. Garel Alexandre says:

    the us suffer only 18 plane losss..

  8. Robert Wagner says:

    disheartening to see that nothing of this history can be understood in Portuguese …

  9. Patrick Clayton says:

    just watched a documentary,the brlt armour was to thick to be welded and had to be rivvated together, the rivets failed under the impact of torpedo hits and the armoured belt would fall off

  10. Ernest Imken says:

    140'000 tons of steel for Yamato & Musashi would have built many more aircraft carriers. That was another IJN blunder.

  11. 劉健華 says:

    6:40 Rage your dream 時を駆け抜けてゆく 風も 光満ちてゆく

    Rage your dream 待っていることだけを Feel the wind 忘れないでいて

    Rage your dream 続く果てない道を 愛も過去も振り向かず

    ゆける あなた輝いている Rage your dream 今を生きてる

  12. I have your game it is ligit thanks

  13. Jarrod Yuki says:

    she would have survived with lasers and proximity fuses.

  14. Aaron Peavler/Geomodelrailroader Railroad Photography says:

    The Musashi was the biggest guns in the Pacific. Named after the samurai the Musashi was a forced to be reckoned with in WWII. As the sister of the Yamamoto these were the largest ships in the world. Musashi met her demise when bombers from USS Franklin, USS Cabot, USS Intrepid, and The Big E raked her decks with bombs and torpedoes. It took 11 bombs and 8 torpedoes to sink her and now she rest at the bottom of the ocean off the coast of Manila.

  15. Kyle Dalisay says:

    Musashi is found again in romblon philippines the philippines navy leader try to get it up but some parts are gone so philippines added a calliber gun and 4 machine guns and return to be a legend in philippines name musashi and the new name of musashi is Brp Manuel Salazar

  16. eric tristan Labro says:

    Thats funny cuz that ship sanked at my country

  17. Makai Mauka says:

    Bow seems to ride too low….

  18. Margie Cabanas says:

    my lola was born on 1943 and she see the musashi battleship but now she is old.

  19. Wagner Pulice says:

    o jogo e uma trapaça extrema

  20. 税金で飯を食うとうまいな says:

    ソフトだけで 頭じゃ 現実はつくれないんだぜ  今のくそ車に価値がないのが  全部ソフトな仮想でつくってるから魅力がね~~~んだよ
    現実に発売される前に 部品を 点検しろよ まさに ハンドルなんてとおもうらしいが ハンドルは命だぞ スタイルの前にハンドルだわな
    内燃機関は終わりそうだが ハンドルは 永遠だ  自動運転なんぞ あと50年先だよ

  21. Darkness Minecraft Karki Remo says:

    Eh a sistership?????

  22. David Johnson says:

    Will they build a modern one now and use i to attack america and start the nuclear war?

  23. Cliff Mays says:

    My rhetorical question is this, why is they knew they could not compete with the U.S. in industrial output why did they seek war?

  24. Idk why but even if its not for studying im always curious about the war and i like the thrilling feeling when i watch and or learn

  25. しましやに says:

    Subarashii desu ne

  26. しましやに says:

    Subarashii desu ne.

  27. ajay chitnis says:

    Be it a big battleship but they can not fight with air attacks .if so then then engineering should take this in consideration that even it get hit by air attacks it must sustain it
    As I feel very bad when such big ship sink against small air plane.

  28. Panagiotis Deligiannis says:

    THe moment Tsukada Yoshiaki started talking, I was hoping that they wouldn't stop him and start narrating. I'm glad they didn't. Nice video!

  29. Ray Whitehead says:

    Sunk by American air power, a total waste of Japanese strategy, Japanese destroyerswere more effective.

  30. Richielda Giselle Mamalias says:

    wait musashi survivors are in philipines i live in philipines

  31. Pongkem Chewang says:

    Battle ship . Bismarck left the chat.

  32. Hans Rainier says:

    I wish my grandpa is still alive, I want to hear also his experience when he's in the us navy during ww2.

  33. Liu劉Ying Chun英君 says:


  34. Phillip Leech says:

    It's highly likely it would have been two on one against the Iowa Class. "Woulda" been both Yamato Class against all 4 Iowa class. Both sides with support ships, somewhere around Leyte.

  35. My father served on Carrier Sangamon, at Leyte Gulf when Mcarther returns to Philippine Islands. The largest air and sea battle of WW2.

  36. richpontone1 says:

    Japanese thought that their naval strategy rested alone on a "Grand Battle" where the US Navy would be foolishly caught in a trap where their whole surface fleet would face the Japanese fleet with their two Super Battleships and be completely wiped out like the Russian fleet at the Battle of Tushima where the whole world was amazed that the Japanese could carry out such a feat. What they did not know is the US had cracked the Japanese Naval code and knew exactly their strategy, plans and fleet dispositions. What the Japanese also did not know is that the British in 1941 invented Torpex, a synthetic explosive that in torpedoes produced a 50 percent increase in explosive power. The US used these new torpedoes with explosive effect on Japanese war ships and merchant marine ships. What took two or three torpedo hits on a Japanese destroyer, freighter or oil tanker could now be done with one torpedo hit.
    The Japanese Battleship armor could not withstand this new leap in ammunition technology and both the Yamato and the Musashi would sink after many hits from aerial launched torpedoes which exploded the respective ship's powder magazines.

  37. pesidas kyth says:

    I honestly cant see the difference between yamato musashi hahahahaha!!!!

  38. Nico . Bruhwiler says:

    Cela dis : respect e ses hommes d’honneur oui total respect .

  39. Nico . Bruhwiler says:

    Vous me comprenez pas , c’est CE document que je voudrai voir en FRANÇAIS .

  40. Nico . Bruhwiler says:

    Comment faire pour avoir ses document en français ? Document sur les cuirasser japonais et ses matelot qui témoigne !!! Aider moi merci ( ne me dit pas d’aller sur YouTube ! C’est que dalle

  41. Charlie Dallachie says:

    To this day the aircraft carrier pretty much replaced battleships. A submarine or two is also good to have follow around

  42. And now it's locked away. Sad.

  43. One-eyed Owl says:

    What bothers me out is that bismarck the largest ship during it's time was sunk by outdated planes, that was way before the yamato class was completely built that battle should've been an eye opener that the course of naval warfare has been changed , the one who had air superiority will always comeout victorious

  44. ꧁SHADOW 2265꧂ says:

    0:32 umm are those bullets? Or ship parts?

  45. Timothy Arnold says:

    The reason why US ships were superior was survivability. Having "the biggest gun" is all well and good but US ships were able to take poundings 4 times a bad as a Japanese ship could.

  46. The Bradford says:

    Its important we learn the stories of Germans, Japanese and Italians, their soldiers were just as brave as the allies

  47. Bacio Global says:

    Japanese ships had beautiful design.

  48. Arnulfo Tapic Jr says:

    Musashi vs USS Yorktown

    Me when i watch two of them: ;-;

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