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The film, ‘Battle of the Atlantic’ is presented by 20th Century Fox (:09) and made in 1941. It focuses on cargo and supply transports from the U.S. and Canada to England during the Second World War. The film is narrated by Quentin Reynolds (:43) who was an American journalist and WW2 correspondent who early in the war explained to American audiences the plight of the British. Black and white footage of England open the film and at this time of the war, England was facing regular Nazi air raids (:54). Viewers can hear the distinct warning siren of an air raid at (1:03). Footage follows of bombs blasting against buildings (1:16) and firemen working to put out fires (1:20). England set out to stock up supplies as they feared invasion was to follow the raids (1:29) and Hitler was threatening submarine warfare. The film turns to Canadian factories working to pump out supplies such as machine gun bullets at ammunition plants (2:09) as well as aircraft (2:36) and more and these supplies are seen at port waiting for transport (2:50). After ships were loaded (3:00), the convoy took to the Atlantic Ocean, sailing close to one another for protection (3:22). The Canadian Airforce escorted from overhead (3:27) until the Royal Canadian Navy took over (3:30). Men within the convoy keep their eyes peeled for enemy attack as they drew closer to England the risk of running into German submarines also increased (4:26). A submarine periscope is spotted in the water (4:31) and soldiers begin open firing (5:08) and detonating a depth charge weapon (5:54) against the U-boats. The British Fleet awaited the convoy’s arrival and from here takes over as guard (6:38). Barrage balloons are seen hoisted (7:04) and while they served as protection against dive bombers, they also drew attention to the ships (7:04) and they are spotted by Nazi war planes (7:16). While taking fire (7:19), the convoy continues to move forward and British fighter planes take off from base to join the battle (7:52). Anti-aircraft guns are seen in use (7:57) and this was a fight of guns versus bombs. This film snaps to conclusion after the footage of a hit Nazi plane and it’s pilot abandoning the plane fall into the ocean (9:07) while the German air raiders are driven off (9:20).

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