Battle of Stalingrad 1942/1943 – Best Combat Footage with Original Sound

Battle of Stalingrad 1942/1943 – Best Combat Footage with Original Sound

30 thoughts on “Battle of Stalingrad 1942/1943 – Best Combat Footage with Original Sound

  1. Is it a battle of Paris?

  2. Husga Haha says:

    Paulus is afraid chkien

  3. Its Me Racoon says:

    Jesus with the fucking music just let the original audio be

  4. Altaico Ural says:

    Slava Rossiya… 💪💪💪

  5. RICKY. ROBOCOP says:

    Nice, but there are scenes of the Battle of Kursk and Waffen SS personnel, like in 7:35. Inside Stalingrad, there are not Waffen SS soldiers.

  6. RICKY. ROBOCOP says:

    1:53 Walter Heitz in the left side; Paulus in the right side.

  7. Turk 1923 says:

    Turkish greece War in 2020

  8. Alexander Maraffio says:

    History is innipropriate/offensive to YouTube community??? YouTube and Google are bigots

  9. Lee Espinosa Esquivel says:

    fucking music men…just original sound

  10. what popcap do you need for COH 2 to play this

  11. Ernst Rüdiger von Starhemberg says:

    Terrific Video, its insane! I hope we will never fight us again – The Germans and the Russians are historical brothers and sisters and fought the most horrible War ever. Never again! Glory for Germany and Russia. Rip to all of them!

  12. Amal George says:

    Great Russians and Germans

  13. Iconic Moment says:

    Shouldn't have no music for original sound

  14. مسافر عكس الأمواج says:

    The soldier at 5:16i hope he survived

  15. Vincent DeMartini says:

    It took Germany one month to capture France but in the east at Stalingrad it took them one month to cross a street.

  16. Paul Faber says:

    Modern day Western Governments would argue of the many occupational health and safety violations in this workplace. Immediate rectification would be required for certification!

  17. tiernan wearen says:

    the Stalingrad academy of street fighting at its finest

  18. Salomón Goldenberg says:

    La batalla más encarnizada, sangrienta, rabiosa, feroz, extenuante,… de la Guerra 1939 – 1945…

  19. Paul Faber says:

    Today we suit for hurt feeling and distress and hate speech.

  20. Julian Ciaha says:

    original sound?? i dont think so….

  21. Stalin Leningrad Minsk smolinsk war a turning point in would history a pevital time in world history Putin Lennon Russian campaign Soviet Storm trooper plan blue was a true story

  22. The Kameleon says:

    Thebloodiest battle in the bloodiest war ever…
    Stalingrad was not just 1 battle it were thousands of battles were regiments and battallions fought over a building.

  23. Ferdinand Von Schill says:

    terrific video

  24. hariskhtar akhtar says:

    Name the music plz

  25. Castilian says:


    This is the soundtrack I hear in Transformer Movies.

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