Battle of Raqqa combat footage – observing USAF obliterating ISIS positions

That day I was supposed to provide sniper fire covering the advancement of arabic SDF forces – QSD. As soon as I reported enemy activity around 500 meters from my position, the fireworks show started and lasted for about 4 hours. American Air Force dropped tons of bombs on ISIS position , most of which came from the AC130-Spectre, right next to me, including plenty of white phosphorus shells completely obliterating the front line and few hundreds meters beyond that. Including a school building that you could see at the beginning of the video.

Obviously, USAF stole all the fun and no bullet was shot that day…

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47 thoughts on “Battle of Raqqa combat footage – observing USAF obliterating ISIS positions

  1. why do we History. says:

    Well at least some of our taxes are spent well. Murica can bring some daka daka.

  2. Mu-ham-mad says:

    As-sa-laa-mu-'a-lay-kum w.b.t. Why are they fighting against the one that holding the flag of Islam? While, the Saudi Arabia was the one that was zalim. Is Al-Quran not enough for them to be guided or money that was dirty had blinded thir heart. Wallahua'lam bissawab. What's good was from Allaah s.w.t. What's bad was from me. Takbir! Allaahuakbar! Takbir! Allaahuakbar! Takbir! Allaahuakbar! Wassalaamu'alaykum w.b.t.

  3. EbbOneMint says:

    Watching these videos makes me want to fight and loot with you to be honest.

  4. عبداللة محمود says:


  5. Yeah once we get Spooky or Spectre on station that usually ends most of the fun that day for us on the ground closer to the target so I bet it ended your fun big time! 💯👊🏻

  6. Legio XIII Gemina Roma says:

    Theres something about watching multiple nations cooperating to destroy evil that feels great.

  7. Phil The Thot Destroyer says:

    As an american soldier, thank you for what you do in syria brother !!!

  8. PolskaWalczaca says:

    SAAF did not wanted you to find any 72 years old virgins. You know, there would be kupa babskiego…gadania… SEMPERFI

  9. wow did you see how all the trees were leaning in one direction from an earlier blast? hell on earth. It had to have been a MASSIVE explosion. dam.

  10. Such lies, America doesn't bomb ISIS'S position. Nice propaganda.

  11. Pat Watters says:

    Poland always get fucked up. Simply because their in the way.

  12. Daniel DeSarro says:

    great footage, to late to join offensive, shame that be

  13. Fuck me dude, that's some classified shit right there, you are one of the few people to ever a spec ops squadron engaging in combat

  14. John Smith says:

    Looks like it is impossible to defeat ISIS except by destroying the entire city.

  15. Piotr Piotr says:

    Archer wygraj te wojne i odbierz nagrode 15 mln $ za leb kazdego z przywodcow ISIS i wracaj do Polski. Kupisz fajny dom z duza dzialka i bedziez sie bujal na hamaku.

  16. Luis Calderon says:

    Why are they so far from action? Didn't quite get that…

  17. Grzegorz Grzegorzewski says:

    Kiedyś była mowa o kilku Polakach, dlaczego ciągle jest tylko 1, a inni ani razu nie powiedzieli nawet 1 słowa w filmiku?

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