Battle of Mogadishu

Audio and video clips from the October 3-4, 1993 Battle of Mogadishu (Black Hawk Down) and an excerpt from President Bill Clinton’s national address a week later. Song “Desert City” courtesy of Kevin MacLeod/Incompetech

50 thoughts on “Battle of Mogadishu

  1. Ethan Robinson says:

    The UN/US overstepped their mark, humanitarian aid only, any further and you are effectively invading a foreign country (though the US have a habit of doing that).


    Your involvement just made things worse in Somalia

  3. Conflict Bricks says:

    Imagine if they had helmet cams

  4. Bryce Mcqueen says:

    No Specter. C.A.S.!!

  5. Devin Hale says:

    We would win the second time if we went back with the tech we have now drones mraps witch are bulletproof by the way and most of them are gun operated from inside not on the roof anymore

  6. Conflict Bricks says:

    How these guys made it out is a miracle

  7. Zach Hans Animation and Others says:

    Is it Rangers who were trapped in the crashed UH-60 or Delta?

  8. Respect brother's in army

  9. دولت ابد مدت Devlet-i Aliyye-i Osmâniyye says:

    F*ck US and their soldiers

  10. Monica Rampla says:

    We dragged american soldiers to the ground like dead meat

  11. kommissar neckbone says:

    fuckin clintons

  12. Michael Suarez says:

    That's SUCKS!

  13. Scott Martin says:

    30 years later. Thanks Bill!

  14. Counting We hardsell Malaysians are the heroes in this battle comments.😅😆😆

  15. Robert Conyer Jr says:

    Asshole fell off the rope doomed us all

  16. Ihan Oman the enemy has infiltrated America and many more thanks to the Clinton's , Bush's , and Barry the Kenyan ! Trump 2020

  17. JoJo Trommler THE LADY & THE TRUMP says:

    Aim High…. Fly…Fight…WIN🇺🇸
    ✈️ 🛫 🛬 🛩
    "Non sibi sed patriae" 🇺🇸💚⚓🦅⭐
    GO NAVY 🇺🇸⚓✈️ 🛫 🛬 🛩

  18. NightHawk 72j says:

    Chicago and Portland 2020.

  19. Iqra _Abdi says:

    WOW beutifal MI6 shit wow both heli shouldve went down

  20. Rosiow gamers says:

    I love in my country

  21. Johnny Fire says:

    Clinton: Oh and I’ll be at Jeffrie’s island this weekend with some special guests. Do not disturb.

  22. CAPTIEN. Yusuf says:

    Gak di sangka tragedi ini memang nyata

  23. Isabelle Tagubilin says:

    Seeing rangers down the ropes and delta is just something. Very brave.

  24. boombapboom says:

    This was almost 30 years ago.

  25. Vlad the Inhaler says:

    Need to send that ungrateful ass Omar back.

  26. Steven George says:

    Seeing delta fly in is so epic

  27. Enzo Perez says:

    At 2:04 I believe it’s mike Durant maybe saying “the tail rotor is gone 6-4 going down” and maybe also “wait!” Like in the movie.

  28. Jason Kohut says:

    America should have just leveled that shithole and saved 19 American lives.

  29. David DiStefano says:

    Yeah right "Slick Willie", you did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING in response. And only made things worse in the end, and for a very long time to come afterwards with the creation of UBL & A.Q.

  30. Great lesson was learned on that mission. Don't fuck with people at their own city, they know every alley and roadside. They can mustard greater will than the coward who is just following ill willed orders.

  31. pain killer says:

    Actually Pakistan and Malaysian troops rescued the Americans

  32. Jerry Adkins says:

    Fuck Bill Clinton, we had to have Pakistan and Malaysians pull our troops out of Somalia.

  33. Imagine getting shot out of the sky by a guy in a tank top, Jean's and flip flops

  34. X_Military Roblox Games. says:

    The real story, Hollywood won't tell to the world!
    Pakistani forces refuse to go in thier tank was equipped with night vision technology.

    The Malaysian forces (MALBATT) also didn't equipped night vision at that time but they were so brave to go in and lead the rescue convoy until reach the crash site and able to rescue the American Army.

    Because of the MALBATT, most of United States Army are able to reunite with thier family back. And remember that all the Malaysian Army are Muslim!

    Respect and salute to MALBATT.

  35. 18e Regiment of infantry says:

    We should have carpet bombed the hell out of the city.

  36. Antonio Arambula says:

    Bill Clinton is a crook

  37. I would have leveled the city just to get even, but that's just me.

  38. Wan Evans says:

    From Malaysia ❤✔💯

  39. jeo ASIIS says:

    American military bodies were dragged into the street . OMG

  40. omar X Omar X says:

    Loool the European american. We gave them something to remember! Fuck your help we don't need ur pork food to donate!!!

  41. Golden 47 says:

    Bill Clinton is a hero for the Somali Rebels

  42. What device or equipment they used to record the battle? Sorry for the question

  43. if you break into someone else's home, expect to get shot at.

  44. EsfahanKellie says:

    This has absolutely nothing to do with the topic, but I really DO like the music? Can you tell me what it is?

  45. montassar inoubli says:

    I do not understand why Americans do not learn from their mistakes. Same behavior and same results.

  46. Death of the Hero says:

    Fuck mercinaries American but they tasted what they engaged that was dieth

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