Battle of Long Tan – Peter Harvey 60 Minutes – Vietnam War – Forgotten Heroes

Watch our full documentary in HD online, narrated by Sam Worthington (Avatar, Terminator Salvation) – Here is the very moving story that 60 Minutes (Nine Network) Australia did on the Battle of Long Tan. It was broadcast on 13 August 2006, a few days prior to the premiere of my award winning Battle of Long Tan documentary narrated by Sam Worthington (Avatar, Terminator Salvation, Clash of the Titans) on The History Channel.

I tracked down the former Viet Cong and North Vietnamese Long Tan veterans and we interviewed them for our documentary. We were then able to help organise this story for 60 Minutes and it was the first time in 40 years the former enemy had admitted that Australia actually won the battle (but of course lost the war).

The story is called Forgotten Heroes, Producer is Hamish Thomson and the reporter is Peter Harvey.

For three and a half hours in the mud and shattered trees of a rubber plantation called Long Tan, 105 young Australians and 3 New Zealanders fought and defeated 2,500 Viet Cong and North Vietnamese soldiers in an epic battle. 18 Australians were killed and 21 wounded with more than 500 VC and NVA killed with more than 1,000 wounded.

36 thoughts on “Battle of Long Tan – Peter Harvey 60 Minutes – Vietnam War – Forgotten Heroes

  1. Don Ascanio says:

    Anyone else find it almost amazing how men can fight in a battle to the death and decades later meet up to shake hands?

  2. David Coleman says:

    Could listen to those two men talking for hours. What a remarkable and moving film. It's good to see the heroes of Long Tan finally getting the recognition they deserve.

  3. the gun nuts TGN says:

    I have a aussie SLR that was used in Vietnam. Has no finish on it and the stock is beaten to shit.

  4. skybot 999 says:

    When the shit hits the fan it's nice to have an ally that greats you with,g'day mate!

  5. SPARTAN300 says:

    I hope those men found some healing and peace by returning to the battlefield

  6. Yu Xuan Kei says:

    Rest In Peace to all men and women who have died in all wars.

  7. Toby & Jenny says:

    Two old vets were sitting in a bar one walked over to the jukebox and plays still in Saigon walks back to the bar and buys his finger friends a round of foster's the old diger walks to jukebox and plays Kason And buys the next round of Coors beer I've seen this happenin thanks to all the old vets most Australian an American.

  8. NightWaves says:

    Knowing the current state of Australian politicians figures they didn't want anyone talked about as good nationally but themselves. That's a lost cause these days to say politicians are good..

  9. My dad will NEVER forgive the Australian Government for how he and his mates were treated coming home.

  10. Greg Henderson says:

    No comment on the Kiwi artillery FOO and Kiwi artillery. Typical

  11. Albino Dino says:

    Fuck our government is horrible no respect for the Anzacs that fought through hell

  12. SmokinLoon says:

    at 4:10 the narrator mentions the Viet Cong has been hardened by decades of war, first against the French and then the ARVN and US forces… he forgot the Japanese occupation of WW2. Much of the weaponry that the VC used was US manufactured (M2 carbines, BAR's, .30 cal MG's, etc) and given to them to fight the Japanese.

  13. Garth Stewart says:

    VIETNAM-VETERANS: I may not politically agree with your war, but THANK YOU so much for helping us younger veterans! I came back wounded from Iraq, and at every turn where I was scared, dazed, and confused, a Vietnam Vet would help me; you truly are selfless in that sense.

  14. 407ForRent says:

    The holding hands comment was great.
    Thank you for your service. Hopefully soon you will be able to have your god given right to own firearms like you used to defend your country.

  15. Robert Nocera Jr says:

    Yeah tremendous recount… unfortunately people are gone but this recount is awesome but in a terrible way.. maybe God Jesus Christ bless us all who believe.. these guys on both sides are definitely heroes

  16. Anthony Lalli says:

    We brothers in arms shall always be brothers in arms ———- absolute respect and a thankful bravery of your incredible 'diggers'. 66/67 86th combat engineer battalion

  17. Luis Nguyen says:

    Saluted alliance Australia Heroes troops combat in Vietnam war 41 years ago .we appreciated. Thanks for posting.(soluu huong ARVN veterans)🇺🇸🇨🇦🇫🇷🇬🇧🇧🇪

  18. Genesis rain says:

    I hear your voices brothers, they forevermore echo, this isnt the end.

  19. Dennis Ford II says:

    I want to say thank you and my respects to all of you ! And ask Has the question been answered – why was the service and sacrifice of these men not acknowledged ?

  20. Shame not much said about the kiwi FO party led by Stanley, plus the NVA & VC did have another decent go at the Aussies in 69, Operation Hammersley, this would be an interesting battle to review Martin, cheers.

  21. Joshua Kynaston says:

    God bless these men I never got to know. My father fought in Vietnam he was stationed in Hue and A Shua Valley in 68.

  22. fname lname says:

    I’m an American. I’ve always heard that the Aussies were extremely tough fighters. I’m sure the NZ soldiers are very tough. Go back far enough, we all share the same heritage. My respect to you all.

  23. Thomas Hird says:

    Big respect to our ANZAC brothers ferocious fighting men. Sending strength and unity from the UK

  24. Henry Badd says:

    it's own. Respect from an American. Sorry for my ignorance. Just want to understand the exact t term for diggers: men, soldier or is it just for those that are or will be in that unit. Just those soldiers that were at that battle.

  25. Scott Tucker says:

    Absolute disgrace the way our Politicians and couch sitters treated our soldiers. Politicians sent them there to fight a war, but dogged them when it counted. As usual, our military prove themselves far beyond their numbers. The fact the North Vietnamese as good as gave the direction to no directly engage Aussie/NZ forces again sums it up. They lost far more than they want to let on.

  26. Thomas Troy says:

    I'm an American but I want to change my citizenship to be a Australian

  27. The pledge I will fight for the Queen and country is not re cognised and a shameful act to give your life for a government that really doesnt give a shit about you. So its you and your service mates that are doing the fighting for each other to stay alive. While the govt elite are nice and cosy in their ivory towers. Disgraceful no pride no guts.

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