Battle of Iwo Jima US Marines In Heavy Combat WW2 Footage with Sound

Marines engaged in desperate fighting action during the World War Two battle of Iwo Jima from February and March of 1945. This is a compilation of three pieces of footage showing combat operations from the U.S. Army Signal Corps Combat Bulletins number 47, 48 and 49. ( with sound and narration )

The first segment shows combat during the assault on Motayama Airfield #2.

The second shows various scenes on the island including unloading supplies on the beach, the taking of 3 Japanese prisoners, taking care of the wounded and a gun emplacement.

The third sequence shows “Mop up operations on Iwo” according to the narrator, and it appears to be the fighting on the northern part of the island.

There is a scene where some marines are placing a charge on a “blockhouse” and the film immediately cuts to the charge exploding presumably while the marines are still standing there. This is an edit done by the Signal Corps people and not me. If you look closely, the position of the tank slit that the camera is shooting through changes abruptly between shots indicating that the original film was cut and spliced together. Without any further evidence, we can only hope those men got to cover & made it home alive after the war.

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