Battle of Iwo Jima US Marines In Heavy Combat WW2 Footage with Sound

Marines engaged in desperate fighting action during the World War Two battle of Iwo Jima from February and March of 1945. This is a compilation of three pieces of footage showing combat operations from the U.S. Army Signal Corps Combat Bulletins number 47, 48 and 49. ( with sound and narration )

The first segment shows combat during the assault on Motayama Airfield #2.

The second shows various scenes on the island including unloading supplies on the beach, the taking of 3 Japanese prisoners, taking care of the wounded and a gun emplacement.

The third sequence shows “Mop up operations on Iwo” according to the narrator, and it appears to be the fighting on the northern part of the island.

There is a scene where some marines are placing a charge on a “blockhouse” and the film immediately cuts to the charge exploding presumably while the marines are still standing there. This is an edit done by the Signal Corps people and not me. If you look closely, the position of the tank slit that the camera is shooting through changes abruptly between shots indicating that the original film was cut and spliced together. Without any further evidence, we can only hope those men got to cover & made it home alive after the war.

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20 thoughts on “Battle of Iwo Jima US Marines In Heavy Combat WW2 Footage with Sound

  1. Edvard Ferand says:

    Good footage. Back when the American people got an honest presentation of what was happening. Before the national security state (NSA, CIA, etc…) was put in place and everything become secrets.

  2. Gaming and Education LOL says:

    M1 Garand, one of the most classic and well known Rifles in the US military back then. My friends great grandpa died like two years ago. He was a World War II vet. I met the guy before. He said most troops just had to love that Rifle. It was like your new lover.

  3. Lt Enclave Soldier says:

    tenno heika banzai

  4. Steve Delossantos says:

    Sleeping giant the Japanese woke up .

  5. Star Platinum says:

    My greatgrandfather was in this war (American side)

  6. iRWANS. com says:

    poor the japan army … bombardiered

  7. CHUFF#311 says:

    1:19 idk but loos like this guys got wounded there D:

  8. I'd love to connect with any fellow filmmakers interested in WW2! Comment below please 🙂

  9. Giancarlo Tubal says:

    The Greatest generation ever existed

  10. Did those guys placing demolition charges just blow themselves up?

  11. Did those guys placing demolition charges just blow themselves up?

  12. Stoned Batman says:

    Now I know where the yanks filmed the moon landing!

  13. Shrek is watching you through your window says:

    I wish I could go back to those battlefields, before those men died, and tell them how far the country would come from their service. I wish I could resurrect them and show them how they've built the infrastructure. In absentia lucis, Tenebrae vincunt.

  14. Well snippets can hardly describe the smell and sounds_ the long marches, the fox holes and the interaction_ but from the spearhead_5th marine Div, purple heart, daughter, I assure you it felt to them like a lifetime frozen in time.
    Boys we're like grown men (17 you could go with parents signature) when Dad, the commander of VFW went to the VA hosp_ It was all too real, some called it hell__ a shock to the senses as smoke and high pitched fire mixed with rattattat_ you couldn't tell where the fire was coming from. Sand spewing up with blood. How many were ahead or behind.
    And the eerie silences sometimes was worse when your legs were numb from marching through rice paddies (jungle rot)… That kid giving you an odd look, asking for chocolate and then dropping an explosive.
    Someome in the fox hole rolls a PA cigarette and the flair of a match sets off a barrage of sniper fire…
    You watch your buddy shake so hard his teeth rattle and his hand is only steady reloading_firing_ reloading_ or some young kid you imagine will run, grits his teeth and dashes out in a hail of bullets and blood to drag a man twice his size to cover…the unlikely hero twice as gutsy as the braggart peacock.
    It's the kid you hope survived_the no name, no medals who goes back to the farm or the Bronx.

    No one I met as a kid who was around old vets from the 60s to the 80s heard them refer to themselves as heroic… They left the glory to Generals and historians. The stories were real, raw, and full of both nightmares and humor__ of sharp observances under unimaginable stress. Of brotherhood and trust in each other…in their leaders.
    In a foreign land, a strange landscape….and afterwards they stood by the doorway of the shellshocked & the bedside of the suffering…
    You won't forget me… You wont leave me here in hell..
    That's right brother, we won't.

    As a girl I wasn't allowed in the barbershop_ another gathering place. I wasn't supposed to hear the (man talk) I pretended not to.
    On parade day when Dad represented the local VFW_ or when it was funeral and taps during Nam_ I watched them the old vets, salute the fallen, pray and present the flag_ March in step.

    I was only 27, standing beside mom on a mountain top when they presented her that flag. The man playing taps cried so hard he couldn't finish_ the director, my brothers football coach helped us cover the casket with rocky soil(a mountain tradition) I made dads headstone in the following year_ carved the right words through tears into marble_put the flag up that whips in the wind up on a piney mt peak

    We won't ever forget you. You're safely home.
    Semperfi Marines. Well done.

  15. Estelle Melodi Mitchell says:

    At scene 0:46, the front right stretcher carrier collapsed suddenly. Did he just trip over something or he got shot by a sniper?

  16. Young Vices says:

    by 13th march our casualities total more then 18,000 dead also includes almost 4,000 dead ….Whuuuu? 🤔

  17. DilbartsMusicZone says:

    That demolition crew is dead for sure. He just blew himself off.

  18. KyungDuk Cho says:

    who made those young souls into ground meat…

  19. Rebel Blacksmith says:

    My great uncle was a flame thrower and died on Iwo Jima and was killed by a sniper a few days before the end of the battle and he fought on several other island battles and was called the old man since he survived so much but was only 19

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