Battle of Huế – Vietnam War

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Note: this video contains archived public domain / licensed footage. This footage serves documentary purposes on world history and is to be viewed as educational.

47 thoughts on “Battle of Huế – Vietnam War

  1. mustafa kızılırmak says:

    Baskalarini bile oldurduler serefsizler

  2. Silent Assassin says:

    I salute all Vietnam war veterans since it is not their fault that their Terrorist government used them as a pawn vs. Russia and China. But be honest with yourself – what the hell are the U.S. doing there meddling with the affairs of a country that JUST WON a hard fought battle for freedom against the French. The Vietnamese wanted NOTHING but to have ONE FREE UNITED country. North Vietnam and South Vietnam united (Do you see what happened to North and South Korea who are now forever MORTAL enemies when in reality, they are Brothers). When the US left, Vietnam achieved this and now Ho Chi Minh's vision became true – UNLIKE KOREA, VIETNAM IS ONE UNITED country. If the US won, Vietnam will be exactly the same – South Vietnam will be thriving and the North Vietnam will be a rouge communist country and they will be MORTAL ENEMIES until the end of time much like the Korean Peninsula now. HISTORY WAS KIND TO Vietnam because they successfully kicked out the US Imperialist out of their land. Sorry, but the truth hurts. The US have LITERALLY NO BUSINESS starting that War vs. Vietnam and thankfully, you lost that war and was not successful in dividing them like Korea.

  3. Alparslan Erseven says:

    Terörist america france terörist country america and france

  4. Иван Кортес says:

    cannon foder

  5. elias garrett says:

    I walked over where they had the war when I went caving in Vietnam

  6. Sultan Suleman says:

    Imagine if these young men didn't need to fight in such a war, Imagine what they could have done with there lives

  7. Pavia 1525 says:

    “These are great days we're living, bros. We are jolly green giants, walking the Earth with guns. These people we wasted here today are the finest human beings we will ever know. After we rotate back to the world, we're gonna miss not having anyone around that's worth shooting.”

  8. Santiago Gutierrez says:

    The city that nor the mongols nor the chinese were achieve to conquer

  9. Arthur P. Paiva says:

    Parece o Rio de Janeiro.

  10. Enrique rosales morales says:

    Thats a coregious reporter!

  11. Ryan Ryan says:

    Yeah yeah yeah but at the end who won the war , Vietnam 🇻🇳 😆💪

  12. Randy Salinas says:

    Dam new world order made them put their usa flag we lost so i guess we have to be a victim of concentration camps

  13. Thanos The Watermelon Crusher says:

    This is why the Idea of war heros is kinda dumb

  14. Rockers From Hell says:

    The absurdity, the absurdity…

  15. ThePistolPedro says:

    Made them famous? Did anyone else catch that line? Famous in what exactly? The US is abysmal at fighting.

  16. A couple of years ago , my brother dugg into an old high school chick relationship like ( those kids not mine, and this kid needs a new daddy , i called her Charlie……

  17. ALL ABOUT CATS says:

    USA is oppressive and greedy country

  18. intan umairah says:

    Amerika K.O

  19. Delana Grace says:

    i just love how some of the US soldiers are chewing gum, a whole nother level of iconic.

  20. paulo mendes says:

    perdeu perdeu perdeu USA kkkkk

  21. Sad thing is war is never going to end ..

  22. lebib lemy says:

    Tous ça pour des sionistes de merde, et toutes les guerre c'est la même merde


    U S A . . . empire of the horror . . .democracy is a bullet in the head . . . very sad for all humans beings that still have a heart !

  24. Oh shit a guy at about 2:50 min issued an m3. Didn't know they still carried those pieces of equipment. Must of been reliable enough.

  25. fyhh sfgj says:

    They just wanted to protect their land from a invasion

  26. This is what we stood for and fought for and people are disrespecting what these men did back then. Nowadays people have the nerve to disrespect this country. True heroes


  28. Nhân pro Huỳnh Trọng Nhân TV says:

    America War Vietnam Huế

  29. Uncle Terry felt pride where shame once was – Norm

  30. What did the guy at 2:30 say? All I heard was, I think: "G.D." in the beginning and "place" at the end. I think I'm going to set this as my ringtone and after hearing it over and over, possibly a thousand times or more, it might be intelligible.

  31. Sheriff House says:

    clap clap clap….boom….clap

  32. ahshdjt wjjdjfjejs says:

    ARVN did the brunt of the fighting to retake hue city. Im just making that clear because people seem to forget majority of ground combat was done by arvn with american and australian forces as supplement. Arvn also took brunt of the casualties in this battle.

  33. What a terrible waste of human life and so much suffering for all that fought or had to witness this on both sides, the fallen soldiers and there families and the tragedy that was thrust upon the innocent civilians young,old and in between. So many still suffer to this day, even through association,the poor families that carry on the suffering. War is just one big cesspool of misery. To think governments today still have the balls to do the exact same shit all over again is just another demonstration of how ignorant or straight up stupid humans can be.

  34. He's reporting as if these are real heroes fighting terrorists when it's actually the other way around.

  35. Gabe Segun says:

    Even soldiers treat captured enemies in battle nicer than many police officers

  36. Bob Domler says:

    Their biggest enemy may have been the enemy at home. The same enemy that's currently rioting and setting their cities on fire.
    Shame we don't get gritty front line footage like this anymore. Only amateur phone and helmet cam footage.

  37. Lol, what a boss at 1:54. I’d want that guy on my side.

    “If there’s someone in there right now they’re Charlie as far as we’re concerned”
    proceeds to grin

  38. Imagine being the marine who charged forward, trusting your brothers to follow and fight alongside you but you end up getting shot and realize they left you

  39. I've researched the living daylights outta this war. The inconvenient truth is that it ultimately was about preserving Michelin Rubber Co investments in Vietnam. Little known fact is that the French made The U.S. government reimburse them for every damaged rubber tree.

  40. Bình Minh says:

    VietNam teached for US a lesson. "Urban fight"

  41. Emirhan Kısacık says:

    Hiç mi araştırmacı Türk yok ya?

  42. Caps lock says:

    Tq for not put music

  43. Stephan Friedrich says:

    Es war und ist EURE, zum Glück, verlohrene Kriegshandlung…-> nicht mehr und nicht weniger/// einfach akzeptieren und daraus lernen… //// UND für mich NICHT MEHR SO VIEL SHIT MACHEN …. haltet Euch mal raus !!!!! …. IHR seit nicht die WELTPOLIZEI !!!

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