Battle of Cologne 1945: A young woman between the frontlines – The original source

A lost human story behind the newsreel pictures of 1945 that went around the world, back then and in hundrets of documentaries about the largest city taken by the US-Army during World War II in Europe. The famous research of the Cologne based journalist Hermann Rheindorf brought former enemies and the family of a civilian victim together. The outcome of this research was indeed sad and unexpected. Watch the 2015 english language version here Watch the whole documentary: “March 1945 – Tank Duel at the Cathedral” on amazon prime. Free for amazon prime members! This research was mostly done in 2006/7 by the Cologne based journalist Hermann Rheindorf and first published in 2008.

March1945 – duel at the Cathedral. The unknown human stories.
Research and Documentary by Hermann Rheindorf 2008-2015

Book editions: The complete photo and document edition is available in german with the title 1945-Kriegsende in Köln (1945 – war´s end in Cologne) since 2015 and updated in 2020. In 2021 it will be fully translated and published in a large format Illustrated book of 400pages, with more than 1200 images and as a fascinating ebook. With this book the most cited research in Adam Makos´ novel Spearhead, will be available in english for the first time.