Battle of Britain, Spitfire Gun Camera – IL-2 CLIFFS OF DOVER –

Some gun camera footage taken from IL-2 Cliffs of Dover flying the Spitfire Mk II and Hurricane

46 thoughts on “Battle of Britain, Spitfire Gun Camera – IL-2 CLIFFS OF DOVER –

  1. Vasia Saraev says:

    Spitfire – мой самый любимый истребитель, после Як-3.

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed and then from the comments, I realized that these are the game simulation footage. Sh*t…. Guys pls be serious. If it is a game simulation footage, mention it so in the title itself. Thanks

  3. Christopher Hollister says:

    I always wonder what the men who actually fought in these wars would think about these games.

  4. ian rodriguez says:

    if you synced the fps with the overlay, this would be indistinguishable from real footage tbh

  5. Шуйншалиев Ануарбек says:

    Ил 2 летающий танк

  6. A79688668 P46737555 says:



    Game or not you better be glad the natzis didn’t win Bonzo’s

  8. Sutil Gladiador says:

    I noticed it was a simulator when I saw IL-2 in the title. But it's hard to believe.

  9. Scott Fuller says:

    Idiot….this footage is NOT from a game….it is reality….so drop your "game" crap….!

  10. Drakilicious says:

    I thought this was real gun cam footage for a few minutes. Looking at the comments im less embarrassed as seems a lot of other people did too.. Wow.

  11. Why fake a person jumping out of a plane?? Pretty gross no matter the side in the war.

  12. Tiki Tavi says:

    I was crying fake halfway through. The bullets exploding on the ground and the phony ejection of the crew convinced me.

  13. Rags Almighty says:

    That's bull***t – that was faded color and everyone knows that the Brits didn't start using color gun cameras until 1942 ! 🙂

    Seriously though – amazing filters and editing, the music was also spot on – fabulous work !

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