Battle of Berlin (ft. Potential History) | Animated History

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Potential History:

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45 thoughts on “Battle of Berlin (ft. Potential History) | Animated History

  1. MustardIsMurder says:

    That's a lot of gold you have in the intro

  2. NOOB ClASH OF CLAN says:

    The beginning of ww3.

  3. Javier Pacheco says:

    1:01 for those who hate to watch advertisements

  4. Average Joe says:

    so . . . who gonna tell him about steiner?

  5. Andrew Durham says:

    In Downfall the Russian Army cornered the remaining Germans and the SS in a particular region of Berlin. How historically accurate was that?

  6. The cake is a lie says:

    2:42 Not gonna lie, objectively speaking it's pretty epic when a leader remains till the very very end to die along with his nation, like "If my whole world is gonna disappear, I'll vanish with it". Reminds me to the last battle of Byzantium and the fall of Constantinople.

  7. Funnily enough my partly Jewish grandfather as there fighting to keep the soviets from touching our sacred capitol.

  8. Glidescube says:

    Patton was right. We should have helped the Germans push back the Soviets to their border. We would have avoided the tje cold war and Russian wouldn't have built the Easter bloc.

  9. Dirck the Dork-Knight says:

    Not for a stratigic purpose per se but in order to keep the western allies out
    And people call me bad for not counting the soviets as part of the allies

  10. The Czechoslovakian Kamerad says:

    Me, A Czech : Die, DIE!

  11. Your Drill Sergeant says:

    Sabaton Hearts of iron intensifies

  12. WiLLi TeLL says:

    the author of the video, sometimes just nonsense carries.

  13. Elan Garfias says:

    The shot of hitler with a birthday hat is my favorite thing ever

  14. Kazu Tama says:

    This guy need to study more. not a movie.
    There is few crucial mistake.

  15. ' Hitler and the nazi Germany were the same '
    This statement is kinda true when I think about it now

  16. jonh stonk says:

    the battle of berlim was a courageous effort and last stand by the german people to fight to the last and die on their feet instead of living as slaves to a comunist system

  17. LegoBrickStudios says:

    "At this point, Hitler was so
    delusional that he
    believed Roosevelt's
    death would turn the tide
    of war and save his Reich."

  18. DSD-Lazer -Ray says:

    Wait is he even sitting in a armchair .?

  19. Andres Herrera says:

    "Our grip tightens around the black heart of Berlin. The Fuhrer demands all to shed their last drop of blood. The old, the young, the weak. If they stand for Germany, than they will die for Germany. Building by building. Room by room. One rat at a time"-Sgt Reznov Call of duty World at War

  20. My grandfather defended berlin when he was 12. He survived. he claims he took out 4 soldier and helped take out 1 tank

  21. John McKay says:

    Why did himmler lie about the soviets? Did he want to lose the war or was he just wrong?

  22. King Gloria XD says:

    Hitler: Hey Stalin wanna hear a joke?
    Stalin: Ok sure!
    Hitler: Berlin
    Stalin: Ohhhh I get it!
    Hitler: Wait what

  23. Another Monke says:

    Allies: alright, we will go to Berlin with minimal casualties, carefully
    Russia: Hitler is going to the gulag

  24. King Marsh says:

    13:42 World at War looking different than I remember.

  25. Read Siege says:

    Best documentaries that you can find on Bitchute:
    – The Greatest Story Never told
    – Europa: the last battle

  26. Nathaniel Mondero says:

    "The Soviets encircled Hitler's Capitol as a Birthday Gift"

    If that isn't the most Soviet thing, then I don't know what is…

  27. thegamerator10 says:



    Hitler: "Promises a new land and powerful army for german"
    German People: THE LIES

  29. Reznov would be proud

  30. Eric von Manstein says:

    Just look at seelow and bautzen
    The Germans were inexperienced by that time,lack of artillery ,tank and airsupport! Morale almost broken,generals depressed due to stress still wrecked blows on soviets

  31. Ryan Fisher says:

    I love those stock still soldiers at 11:04

  32. theDarkNight says:

    Watching this in Jan 2021 and just seeing parallels with trump failed election campaign. Dude did not listen.

  33. Christopher Dennis says:

    Died like the dogs they were.

  34. Johnny guitar says:

    "We stand at the gates of Berlin. With two and a half million men
    With six thousand tanks in our ranks.Use them as battering rams"

  35. "To argentina" did he not?

  36. Gustavo Peters says:

    Saying that the German high command was delusional might just be an understatement

  37. li baoqiang says:

    The meaty russia problematically lighten because packet fascinatingly bubble till a overjoyed earth. wicked, rough quiver

  38. Panos Xatz says:

    What's the outro music?

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