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Azerbaijani Army has libareted Shusha Region from Armenians. They took back the region. Armenia fought against Azerbaijani forces but on the end of day, they fell back from region.

Middle part of this video from Azerbaijani side. They are not publishing video from combat that’s why there is only one footage from combat. Armenia left from the #Shusha Downtown.

Now, Armenian side evacuating civillians so-called Capital Xankendi (which armenians say Stepanakert). Armenia prepearing to negotiations in the same time they are prepearing to defend #Xankendi against Azerbaijani forces.

While you are watching this video, Azerbaijani Forces moving to Xocali terratories and today (09.11.20) they liberated some of #Xocali’s regions. Looks like Armenia doesn’t have any chance against drones and Azerbaijani Artillery.