Battle for Cologne – tank duel

WWII. The battle for Cologne. Tank duel at the cathedral, March 06, 1945. The US army, 3rd AD, enters Cologne. Chronic and analytical presentation of the famous tank duel at the Cologne cathedral. See the fascinating original film with descriptions. 10 minutes of interesting film scenes show the destruction of a Sherman tank, the destruction of a Panther tank and the escaping crew members. 5 presentation parts show different analyses.

Original film scenes show seriously injured persons. May no be suitable for sensitive people.

Some of the subtitles are very short. The time where I published the video (2010) there was a 10 min. limitation for youtube videos, so I had to create fast subtitles to have more time for the action …
NEW VERSION of this video (new music and longer subtitles) can be found here:

Music: “Dreamscape (Endless Fields)” and “A Gift To Be Simple”

More detailed information about this incidents here:

27 thoughts on “Battle for Cologne – tank duel

  1. In this video one American lost his leg and two German soldiers died. In the end, nobody wins.
    Stop war
    Stop violence
    Stop hating others

  2. Gabriel Kyle says:

    Shit this war and many fuck to nazi.

  3. sounds like a strike of bowling balls at 2 mins. take that gerry

  4. Steve Bivens says:

    Footage is great but you need to leave the words longer so they can be read

  5. Critical hit +153SL +53 RP

    Horizontal turret drive

    Target Destroyed +2540 SL +342 RP

    Ammunition load exploded

  6. PyongyangJim says:

    Great music choice.

  7. Brandon Bennett says:

    Spearhead : An American Tank Gunner, His Enemy, and a Collision of Lives in World War II
    This entire battle is documented and told by the tank crew in this book.

  8. Leaffordes says:

    Which two of the German crew died? I guess the gunner and loader? But to me it seems like most of them made it out, or at least almost..

  9. LegionaryWithAGladius says:

    the fact that you can almost see the commanders face is insane to me

  10. So the Gunner was killed in the second shot…

  11. Baiba Brehmane says:

    Me: playing war games i want to be a brave tankist and i will shoot every enemy

    Me: sees this video clear nope

  12. Parker Psillides says:

    Just read this portion of the book Spearhead by Adam Makos and searched to see if I could find the footage since I’m the novel there was a cameraman who claimed he caught it and my God I can’t believe it’s the exact way they told iy

  13. Butters Stotch says:

    If pershing´s gunner would have waited like 5 seconds the whole panther crew would have got out. The panther´s gunner was half out when they shot the turret again. He probably lost his both legs and fell back in the burning tank. What a horrible way to die 🙁

  14. salih aktürk says:

    Why there's only 1 German tank?

  15. Marcus Mason says:

    I thought the German eye witness said the Americans snuck up on them in a captured panzer

  16. How the hell is this footage inappropriate or offensive???

  17. Fact: *After the war the Panther commander was Captured and interviewed, He said that after his tank was hit 3 of his crew was badly injured but they still made it to a nearby german medic which the 3 crews slowly died from their wounds, and The americans said that when he had the shot to shoot the Pershing why did he just look,
    The panther commander replied,
    I was confused after shooting the sherman, I thought that the other tank was a New german tank, until We were shocked when it fired at us*

  18. TransferAir says:

    What a horrible time back in these days.
    Hopefully our children & grandchild’s will never end in a situation like in this video or more worse, another World-War!
    It’s shocking that enough Diktators are still rule very big countries. ✌🏼

  19. Brant Barker says:

    Great shots on the tank

  20. Tan rapido vas a borrar lo que escribis cabeza de picho??

  21. Halo Genisys says:

    Ive faught this battle before… In war thunder use code phly for 10% off eagles

  22. Cheese Master says:

    The panther was ammo racked. Even though they are the nazi's. R.I.P.

  23. MajorKoenig156 says:

    the panther was already cooking before the third shell hit it

  24. Press Start says:

    Tank war is amazing until you see a bunch of Tigers when you are in a M4 Sherman

  25. President Duterte says:

    Someone download this, just in case if it gets deleted

  26. Tribble Booth says:

    In 1968 I visited Cologne on a business trip, and I took the opportunity in my
    spare time to view some of the sites. One of the attractions was the Cathedral,
    which incredibly at the time, was still showing evidence of WW11 damage.
    I subsequently got into conversation with a local resident, who asked me if this
    was my first visit to Cologne, and I explained that it was. I did mention however,
    that my father was a regular visitor to the city, as had served in bomber command.

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