Battle for Berlin WW2 Footage

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Mark Petrie – Kara Kul
Hans Zimmer – Like A Dog Chasing Cars

49 thoughts on “Battle for Berlin WW2 Footage

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  2. Marko Red says:

    Whatch this with Call of duty “ World at war “ Berlin downfall theme…

  3. PROJECT DCB says:

    hahahah berlin goes boom

  4. Panos Rod says:

    If you were German that days, you would have watched the rebirth of your country, the glory of winning so many opponents and then the entire world coming back to get you. Only problem: your Nazis leaders and your final destruction.

  5. Aleks Savanovic says:

    thank u russia!!!

  6. Me and the bois fighting for the last slice of pizza

  7. Dark Castle says:

    War, war never changes…

  8. Colonel Indiana Longnuts says:

    There's a part where the guy gets shot point blank with a fucking artillery cannon lmao

  9. Deschutes Maple says:

    Music sucks and is redundant.

  10. Royal Prussian Army says:

    My my the tables turned..Once they sat on the other side of volga they are forced to hide in civilian apartments of their once glorious capital..seroiusly man, tackling with Ivan was Adolf's greatest mistake. RIP to the Wehrmacht soldiers who actually didn't even knew about the Holocaust..and huge massacres that were being carried out by SS. It is very sad how the regular German Army,Wehrmacht is assosciated with SS and the war crimes..RIP to Papyusha Russian soldiers..They lost more than anyone in this war. Wars are terrible

  11. universe gossips says:

    & U S won the war hhhhaaaa what a joke


    If Aliens or Alternate Universes aren't real then WW2 gotta be the most bloody event

  13. Российская Федерация says:

    1:02 Pogchamp

  14. My great grand father was killed in the war
    He was shot in the thigh on d-day
    Got the same leg blown of by a grenade
    And was shot in the head by a NAZI sniper
    His name was
    Franklin (insert last name here)
    He was a private

  15. dave gustafsson says:

    Now russia is nazi and germany is neo marxist

  16. BANDIT_ L3G3NDO says:


  17. Ron Pincock says:

    Gameplay looks unrealistic and the graphics are poor. Will not be buying.

  18. Jeff McGovern says:

    This will be in my heart

  19. Scotty Ravioli says:

    This is what having a nerf war feels like😂

  20. SAMOURAI. YT says:

    My grandfather was there and he fight from the start of the war and he survived

  21. That's epic man. I'm glad ww2 occurred. Hoping for ww3 in near future

  22. Me trying to remember where the battle of Berlin took place

  23. This is war. This is what the word "war" should be considered as. None of that modern day bullshit. This is war where as a man you had 2 choices of kill or be killed. Where men of different ethnicities fought to fix this world or damage it more

  24. Joseph Stalin says:

    That was easy i went to Berlin i start dancing hehehehe

  25. Pankkiiri Ankka says:

    Amazing. Brave young men on all sides.

  26. The Guitar Man says:


  27. SOULPKシ says:

    The camera man had a iron man suit

  28. zacharyr01 says:

    Watching these really makes you wonder, did any of these guys you see make it out alive?

  29. Kai Tannenhofer says:

    Wer kann mir erklären ,warum der Stern auf der Russischen Flagge ,nach dem zweiten Weltkrieg rot wurde mit gelber Umrandung ?

  30. What would you like as my next video?

  31. Dieselknecht 218 says:

    wer will nur die blöden viedeos sehen, wo die Wehrmacht nur als verlierer da stehen !

    es war ne Hammer Armee , heute vom eigenen Volk verschäht, vom Feind geachtet.
    wie sehr sind wir gefalln, Armes Deutschland !!
    und die Armseligen Poliker tun den Rest dazu.

  32. Lisa Boreham says:

    My great granddad was part of the British army and was in this battle and won 8 medals . I hate Hitler!

  33. Franky Nuts says:

    1:02 did they just shoot the guy that passed by? 😆

  34. Average Alien says:

    My great grandfather was shot by soviets 🙁

  35. Hayden Calhoun says:

    somewhere hitler is raging in a bunker about steiner and fegelein

  36. Christmas Special says:

    When the quality in 1940 better then android

  37. Calvin Metzger says:

    Fuckin hate nazis with all my heart but damn the third reich military looked badass as hell

  38. Me and the boys tryna protect out country

  39. Česnauskas Marius says:

    Don't cry becouse it's over
    Smile becouse it heppend….


  40. you can see the wires. Stop hiring Kubrick.

  41. Shotgun sneezes24s says:

    The power on that artillery cannon 1:02 made him fall over

  42. Logan Strait says:


  43. Erwin Rommel says:

    If I was here I could have saved them all!

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