B-17 Turning Point (Epic music synchronised with combat footage)

Let me take you on a trip, a trip over the coast of Britain, across the minefilled waters of the english channel, above the opressed lands of Belgium/the Netherlands/France to the citys, citys which contain the factories which produce the weapons of terror that nazi germany will use against our people, against our soldiers, against us if we dont stop them.
Let me take you threw Flak fire threw fighter atacks and threw heavy clouds to our target. It wont be easy but it will be a experience.

In this B-17 flying fortress music video you will hopefully experience 5 minutes rising tention. Epic Music that is getting more and more epic combined with the course of a real bombing raid with actual footage from that time just makes for a experience that no hollywood movie could ever deliver(Because no hollywood movie real). If you like the humming of B-17 Flying Fortresses, the Dakka Dakka of .50 cal machine guns and the final releave when the bombs drop this is the right video for you. It is also kind of a trailer for the B-17 propaganda movie “hell over Germany”.

Also who even reads this? Well you I guess. Thank you for takeing your time to do so because I certainly wouldnt. Oh you where onely looking for the song name? Or maybe you are one of the few people who gives a s*** about where the footage comes from. Dont worry I got you.

Music: Alex Khaskin- Turning Point/Heroes of WW2



-HELL Over Germany: Colour (RARE) Footage of B-17s VS. Luftwaffe(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pl6Ca…)

-WWII Dog Fights: Breathtaking Battles in the Sky | War Archives(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2C7lF…)

-8 .50 Cals Firing on the P-47 Thunderbolt(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HvS4N…)

-B 17 Mission To Bremen Germany 1943/10/08 (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GugYs…)

Attention! This video has been cut together from footage of many different raids and does not display any particular bombing raid. Although all the footage that has been used is real, it is still, at least reguarding the story, historicaly inaccurate and the video is made to fit the music and not the course of a real raid(Although it does come close and can give you a idea).