Azerbaijan Army Combat Footage-Fighting Drone on KARABAKH

Conflict Azerbaijan – Armenia on Karabakh 2020

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9 thoughts on “Azerbaijan Army Combat Footage-Fighting Drone on KARABAKH

  1. Young Turk Revolution : INTERNATIONAL says:


  2. what a heart breaking video

  3. This is some serious artillery!!!

  4. This is a hard fight,barren land and Armenians it's seems are in higher ground.Agm operator , have a easy time spotting the armour.These higher ground position can easy be taken out,with a night assault by special forces,with the artillery cover and drone strike to take out important targets.

  5. Earthling Carnivore says:


  6. Hostage#Four says:

    Trade it all for a dayshelling? Yup.

  7. You Wouldn't Believe your eyes says:

    We are always support Azerbaijan 🇦🇿.

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