Republic of Azerbaijan Armed Forces’s combat footage on Karabakh.

-Azerbaijan and Armenian forces clashing on Karabakh, armenian forces have massive casulties. During war, Azerbaijan Army has liberated 7 Villages and Captured 1 Strategic hill from Armenian forces.

-Azerbaijan mod published:
15- OSA AA System
22- Tank (BMP-BTR and T-72s)
18- Drone has been destroyed 25th and 26th september.

-500+ Infantry
15+ Tank
20+ Utility Truck, Logistic vehicles
10+ Artillery equipment had destroyed on 26th and 27th september.

-Armenian side full mobilization declared. Azerbaijan Side half mobilization declared on 27th September.
-Republic of Azerbaijan stopped all external flights (except Turkey for only Army Logistic flights)
-Georgia had forbidden Armenian Aeroplanes

2 Army Major (one of them called Butcher the Genocider)
1 Major General killed while he was on frontline
40+ conscript infantry (most of them under 20 years old) Armenian side had lost 28th of September.

28th of September, Azerbaijan side confirmed, Armenian side bringed Armenian irregular militias to Karabakh against Azerbaijan Army. They were called terrorist.

28th of September Azerbaijan and Turkish observations confirmed Kurdistan Communist Party terrorists were on Karabakh against Azerbaijan army on Armenian side.


  1. EngaPheniks says:

    "My soldiers don't kill anyone. They simply destroy the enemy"
    – Kaiser Wilhelm's lines from the movie "The Red Baron"
    👆Politicians today still have this kind of attitude

  2. Saptak Khan says:

    War is no longer fought in the battlefield. Too bad for Armenia I guess!

  3. Mankind has had tens of thousands of years to learn how to live with one another yet we still keep on killing, mankind has only proven one thing and that is this,
    “Mankind is unable to rule themselves” we don’t learn from our past mistakes all we do is destroy that’s all we seem to be good at. Was not the Earth given to mankind to cultivate and flourish? Who drew the lines on the Earth therefore dividing it up into countries? We follow the leaders of the country we live in and fight “THEIR WARS” while they stay at home and then after much blood has been spilt they sue for peace. What is there to gain from War? Absolutely nothing.
    If any of us were to meet at sometime in the future would I be your enemy or would you be my enemy? Of course not throw the names of our counties away and become a true member of the human race, let us rub out the borderlines and become one nation of Brothers and Sisters. We will however need someone to lead us however we should be looking to the one who created us. Forget the leadership of man they’ve had their time and look at the mess they’ve made of this, we need to keep our eyes focused on the goal of living together as one united people, we need to cleanse ourselves of this old contaminated world with all this evil and start to clothe ourselves with Love for one another, this won’t be an easy task it will take everything we have but we must endure, MAY OUR CREATOR HELP US because it will only happen if we listen to his guidance. 🙏🏻🙏🏽🙏🏾🙏🏿❤️

  4. Vugar Mammadli says:

    For god's sake this is not a religious war. Just admit that you guys have made a mess and now things didn't turn the way you always hoped for. You have made your russian friends angry with your so called revolution fully sponsored by soros. You have destroyed every single possible solution for this conflict with Azerbaijan. You even have made georgians angry with your involvement in Abkhazia and with your delusional map of great Armenia claming half of Georgia. You have made turks angry ever since. The only neighbour you guys have a neutral relationship is Iran. And do not rely on those iranian religious maniacs, if they don't support their muslim neighbours, I can't imagine what would they do to you..

  5. Rahmat Scheer says:

    Watch out for Russian krashuka 4.You've already lost 9 drones on it

  6. Великая Армения says:

    Turkey and Azerbaran = 💩💩💩

  7. Ele Monix says:

    Did you hear? Aliev’s wife went to the front lines … of Louis Vuitton store in Turkey, … they were shopping … with her son, who does not fight in the war and enjoys his life in Turkey, while Azeris bury their kids

  8. Andy Meso says:

    How they will do with all these big tanks in the mountains ??

  9. Ahmet Taşkın says:

    Armenia deserves it since 80's. They murdered lots of civilians in azerbaijan.

  10. UFC Prophet says:

    No need to show dead soldiers and their pictures. Imagine their mothers watching this video and seeing their sons picture. Young soldiers die on both sides and it’s a tragedy.

  11. Stavworld CZ says:

    Жаль людей, але окупант має бути переможений. Караба є Азербайджан!

  12. Harry William Dick says:

    as an American this is great footage respect to Armania

  13. The small french kid says:

    Azerbaijan has been entrenching and getting stubs from turkey for years (THIS IS ALL ABOUT TURKEY INCREASING THEIR SPHERE OF CONTROL!!!)

  14. Pakistan support our brothers in Azerbaijan. we are ready to fight for our brothers whenever they need us INSHA ALLAH
    Long live PAK TURK AZER brotherhood.

  15. Scary… Looks a lot like World War 1 when millions died facing new weapons technology.

  16. Azerjaijan needs to get out of town..
    they wont like whats coming their way
    messing with Armenians is not a good idea

  17. Mohd Firdous says:

    Once the war starts, only poor innocent soldiers will die in it. 🥺🥺😥😥

  18. May god bring peace to both nations🙏🏽 , With love from America

  19. Did you know that calling someone an armenian in Turkey is worst then cursing at his mother

  20. Omer Noor says:

    I am from Pakistan. We still with our Muslim country Azerbaijan 🇦🇿 ❤ 💙 ♥ we love your bravery. We are with you dan.t feel alone InshAllah our hopes and company are Still with you

  21. Food Fanatic says:

    Thing about wars is that they are never fought by those who start them. Its always the innocent doing the diry deed.

  22. Sam Samoyan says:

    Ara hayeren kartumek mamanert kunem bozi txerk. Ovek du haziv el etak sira krvoxner berek poxov krven lunem zer srpapits mamanert. Du enkan bozi txa ek vor erexa ek spanum 1 or chi exel mer txerk kin kam erexa xpen. Duk pasportov mamanert kunem yes zher. America. Vortex turk brneci mor puts ktam zher. Tstsnem zher. Antaniknerin. Kunem et Turkey nel vern erdoxani kgnanel dem kunem. Alyev a jiknert tstsnem. Agarka kngat lav kunem. Sax ashxar kuni kngat. Axjikneritel tstsnen

  23. Il n'y a aucun honneur à filmé des soldats ennemies morts au combat. Aucun honneur à tuer avec des drones. Un vrai soldat professionnel tue son ennemi mais respecte sa dépouille et soigne les blessés. Ennemis ou pas.

  24. Sahir Latif says:

    Why can't live & die in a smaller strip of land but peacefully & with a neighbourly smile.

  25. Joseph Cartaphilus says:

    The cannons of war, (SNIFFFFFF) Agghhhhhhhhh I love i————-BOOOOOOOOOMMMMM

  26. Наш Кавказ says:


  27. Green Sabre says:

    Because of that war azeri Unmanned aerial vehicle chrashed in georgia good thing that it crashed in fields and not in residential zones

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