Army Sniper Reviews Actual Combat Footage

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41 thoughts on “Army Sniper Reviews Actual Combat Footage

  1. Lunkers can we play eat of thunder soometime

  2. Mark Clarke says:

    These guys where hard-scoping and camping the entire time. Trash.

  3. Caleb Warren says:

    War thunder is fun ong

  4. Mr_ Clapz123 says:

    You’d think he’d have a better gaming setup than a original ps4 and a 24 inch tv

  5. Lunkers if you are really interested in good Footage for your own entertainment check out leakreality

    definitely a NO GO for YouTube tho

  6. Joseph Sodowsky says:

    Found out that it’s a good thing went army not Air Force because his big slip up in the army would have cost the air force a cool hundred mil easy.

  7. I feel like the Afgan's are more in the way then anything. I dont know how useful they were for intel or the area's etc, but I feel like it was more like babysitting.

  8. Felipe Nascimento Mello says:

    This last video was an documentary of the Afghanistan war. I had watched already. It's nice.

  9. scooter dogg says:

    I'm assuming its standard practice to stick the muzzle of your saw in the dirt lol

  10. Tyler Alley says:

    @14:00 it was 3/21inf my unit out of alaska. the mission was operation belembay, 2 day air assault into a clearing mission.

  11. KoffKoffus K says:

    How do you make such incredible thumbnails for your videos? Your face is always so INCREDIBLY expressive!

    I can't wait to see your super surprised or confused or happy face when you post a new video! It's so great to see how you look so engaged that everyone can't help but clicking on your *SUPER ANIMATED JIM CARREY FACE*!

    Please Please PLEASE tell us how you get your face to be so EXPRESSIVE!

    *NEW IDEA*: YOU SHOULD USE MORE RED ARROWS AND RED CIRCLES TOO! That way we know what to look at because we are just too stupid to know and you are very smart! HELP US!!!!1 We ALL WANT TO KNOW – HOW YOU DO MAKE YOUR CLICKBAITING FACE?

  12. i would play you anyday in war thunder

  13. Shannon Joker says:

    Maybe this is a stupid question but with all these dummies putting IEDs everywhere and I know they mark them for the locals but are they not caring about anybody else that lives in their country besides US troops that eventually are going to step on this garbage unbelievable

  14. Freidheim of Prussia says:

    The way he says "That's incoming" shows you how experienced he is

  15. Tom Koepke says:

    glad to see the sponsors get bigger and bigger.
    thanks for the content man

  16. I used to machine the body inserts for 40 mike mikes, I hope mine helped you guys out and got the bad guys…..respect!

  17. Idk why I feel like fire fights are just mostly people blind firing at each other.

  18. Tyler Vaneffen says:

    The first bit of really well shot video was from the invasion of Marjah and my unit (1/6) in Helmand. HBO did the Documentary on us and that’s why that was so clear

  19. Pagan Squaddie says:

    That "antenna thing" for stopping IEDs, called ECM unit. Stop those pussy Terry's detonating from 100's of yds away bro.

  20. Samuel Park says:

    Hey next time I think it would be better if you could have the video the bigger screen and your face on the smaller one thanks

  21. nsvasquez says:

    200 rnd nutsack? That's a whole can.

  22. NighthawkAquila says:

    Okay but Rob you were playing Arcade mode in WarThunder…

  23. Brent Booysen says:

    Best content 100%

  24. Jeremy Viray says:

    What’s a TURP?

  25. “These guys know what they’re doing…”
    MARINES know what they’re doing . 2/6 guns Rah

  26. Captain Hecker says:

    "they've got alot of shit on…alot" welcome to the marine corps, to be fair though, we're trained to walk around that heavy from day one.

  27. Baseball Is life says:

    Thank you for your service

  28. Yo ROB… why not make the video footage the bigger screen instead of u so we can see what we trynna se better? 👍🏽 😉 thanks lol 😝

  29. One shot… Malfunction. One shot
    … Lol

  30. Chad Collins says:

    War Thunder is the best vehicle based combat game I've ever played. AB < RB though. Stoked that they sponsored you.

  31. Michael Turner says:

    You should check out Ross Kemp's extreme world in Afghanistan. It's pretty good.

  32. They(the Afghan National Security) never wanted to fight their own fights! They always stayed at the back or turned around and ran!

  33. Tripp Rosales says:

    you should review some military edits

  34. Titanus Vespinae says:

    Fun Fact: @3:18 his left knuckles says "Shit" and his right knuckles say "Fuck", there you go…

  35. FO Gaming says:

    "They need air on station." Of course the sniper doesn't realize that normal platoons don't just get air

  36. Kevin Sørensen says:

    Lol the part 2 was literally the next video on your playlist.

  37. Nikki Richards says:

    I know Rob's neither regions are tingling some while he watching these ones… and how much he wishes he was there.. and watching him listen to the different guns go off, knowing what cal they are

  38. Cool video.

    Next time maybe put your head small and the video you're commenting in big 🙂

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