Armenia Azerbaijan War Day #3: COMBAT FOOTAGE!



22 thoughts on “Armenia Azerbaijan War Day #3: COMBAT FOOTAGE!

  1. Huseyn Mammadov says:

    It wasnt the bombs that one the battle, the frincking masterplan drones that no one knew about one the battle , im living next to history books basically

  2. eyestone pillar says:

    ปวกเปียกอ่อนแรงแล้วปล้นสดวกใช่รึเปล่า (นักโทษอยู่ใหน..จับไม่ใช่เหรอ..เร็ว)

  3. gagik music says:

    the last video is the fault of azb themselves, they position attack missiles, weapons etc. in their own villages where people live and shoot us in the hope that we will not do anything back.

    This is a crime that azb leaders do to their own people

  4. Bill Pasche says:

    Who's the good guys and who's the bad not sure what's going on here

  5. 777 END TIMES says:

    Thx for your work. Subscribe to my channel. I will like all your videos

  6. Forgotten Patriot says:

    great that's what we need, other countries getting involved in all this. This better not escalate into a big war just because everyone is blood thirsty.

  7. Christian Colossus says:

    Looks like tanks aren't as safe as they used to be.

  8. this guy needs to shut the f up and let the footage do the talking

  9. DJ Savada says:

    Can you give us some background infos please? Not everyone knows whats exactly going on.
    Today a turkey f16 was shooting down an armenian su plane. So turkey is now involved. For turkey armenia is for a long time in the way to reach the sea. Turkey wants a close up to the caspian sea.
    Sorry for my english

  10. DJ Savada says:

    Shoots grenades like no morning at the same direction 🤪

  11. sandra burns says:

    Great video. I appreciate you covering this. Was getting a little tired of the thugs here. Although I do like to know what they are up to. You don't show much if they are raising hell in Texas

  12. Thanks for posting this. It's enjoyable and informative to watch. I've subscribed.

  13. voldem0rt says:

    You really do have a no Bull Shit approach and I love it. Great work, Olin!!!

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