Armenia Azerbaijan War Day 11: Combat Footage, Drone Strikes & More!



35 thoughts on “Armenia Azerbaijan War Day 11: Combat Footage, Drone Strikes & More!

  1. Olin Live says:

    Clip at 0:17 is fake. I made a mistake.

  2. Armin Lee says:

    What’s that magical whip he’s slinging around taking down these fighter jets? 🤔

  3. No real need for your cam to be honest. You don't do much on it.

  4. Psysword Rizvi says:

    Killer su-25 footage. Crazy and way better than any videogame

  5. JubaSniper says:


    Und der Joker sagt :




    F A K E

  6. Roadside Towing Centennial says:

    this is from a game its not real. doofeus

  7. Enio Silva says:

    Fake. Arma3. Game

  8. Lima Bro's TV says:

    Fake clips that vid are in arma 3 games 😂😂

  9. ha ha ha its computer graphics

  10. It’s fake it’s a game called aram 3

  11. dasdasa adsasdasd says:

    world corona ….. boring lets make wars

  12. SQUIDMACK says:

    This is intense footage. Thanks for sharing

  13. Artak Arakelyan says:

    armenians havent fled at all since the start of the war..

  14. Ozan Kutlu says:

    Many fakes
    Only the real thing is how president Aliyev said : We chased them like dogs

  15. asdef ufand says:

    fake AA from ARMA3 pc game

  16. Patriotiškas Lietuvis says:

    What weapon was used to shoot SU-25???

  17. Patriotiškas Lietuvis says:

    Very uniqe videos!

  18. Adnan Aslam says:

    come on, Su 25 footage is fake…. it's a game footage and can be seen on other sites and videos too… Please do not propagate, show true pictures and news. Thank you

  19. recently found your channel, love your vids, finally just decent footage and well sorted, keep it up 👍👌

  20. DJ Savada says:

    Third video puts infinite ammo cheat

  21. The Firepower Is So Surreal. Like Science Fiction.

  22. kyle riordan says:

    let me just say how han solo that pilot was until he wasnt. now all those thousands of rounds just killed most of the hillside the vulcan cannon was supposed to be protecting. so this was a huge fail all in all.

  23. first video is a game but some guys put it as real

  24. Lews Therin Telamon says:

    I'd be a bit skeptical of the Azeri claims of captured tanks. They've been caught in lies about similar claims before, and considering they both use the same kind of tanks, I'd need some confirmation of their claim.

  25. Rik Vartigyan says:

    Great work! 🇦🇲

  26. JHOSTIN TOLA says:

    How many bullets a second is that shit

  27. Third video is Arma 3. You can find similar videos by searching arma anti air videos.

  28. looks like computer graphics

  29. Oppressed Patriot says:

    Holy hell, thats one hell of an AA gun

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