Armed 6-wheeled Unmanned Ground Vehicle concept for the U.S. Marines

12 thoughts on “Armed 6-wheeled Unmanned Ground Vehicle concept for the U.S. Marines

  1. Nazareno Sosa says:

    Enemy wheelson deployed

  2. They were developing stuff like this in the 80's. Boeing's Brave 3000 was another interesting UAV.

  3. As an American citizen, I'll take 3.

  4. Alex Dusfraine says:

    Somebody: >watches Maximum Overdrive and sees the technical jeep

    "I bet we can make that real and better"

  5. TheCoolProfessor says:

    Pile of crap. It's a bullet magnet.

  6. Bagaskara Hadjar Putra says:

    feels like i'm giving my son his favorite toys, except this time it can protect him from mofo's menacing moves

  7. apoyu siken says:

    Nah. There must be a driver and gunner.

  8. Ryan Hayder says:

    No suspension and turn like track vehicle
    Just use airless tire for suspension
    and spending billion dollar
    You gotta be kidding me

  9. BMWDriver says:

    This armed drone was featured in Ghost recon advanced war fighter games more than ten years ago as the Modular Utility Logistics Equipment M.U.L.E.

  10. oneshot_me says:

    Now arm it to detect and destroy rpgs for when they're shot at it

  11. Will definitely change the battlefield in 10 years.

  12. David Boson says:

    robots are taking our jobs!

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