ARMA 3: AH-64 Apache attack helicopter in action | Gunship Simulator

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Military simulation.
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“Realistic AH-64 Gunship Simulator”

Game / Softwares / Editing :

Arma 3 (Bohemia Interactive –

Adobe Premiero Pro


AH-64D Apache Longbow:

US army (AH-64D):

Thermal Improvements:

CUP Units, weapons and terrains:


Turret Enhanced:


31 thoughts on “ARMA 3: AH-64 Apache attack helicopter in action | Gunship Simulator

  1. Harpo Marx says:

    It was a pleasure to give you a thumb down right in your eye for falsely advertising actual combat footage to us.

  2. David Webster says:

    Talk about bringing a knife to a gun fight! I see business is still good.

  3. Robert Mitchell says:

    When I first saw this I sent it to my brother who work in the aerospace industry. I knew he'd get a kick out of it. But it took me a minute to realize this was just a video game.

  4. Mauricio Javier Solórzano says:

    War should always be the only resource it you are being invaded …911
    was a false flag operation (CIA/Pentagon was an inside job with outside
    help from Israeli MOSAD) to perpetrate and justify an all-out invasion
    of the middle east not only on Iraq and Afganistan – just look at the
    aftermath of has occurred in other Arab/Persian countries like Libya
    (toppled Qaddafi's regime with help from CIA), Syria, Egypt, Yemen, and
    many more to come in its list!

  5. สุพจน์ สุอภิชยา says:

    มันอยู่บนฟ้า มึงจะออกมาตาย

  6. Lord Dink Dink says:

    Im mad people think this is real when it says simulator in the title

  7. Christian Wouters says:

    Just a matter of time before graphics as this will be prohibited in the Western world because derogatory to 3th world areas.

  8. Irineu Cunha says:

    Com um helicóptero desses no Rio De Janeiro. eles iriam fazer a festa

  9. Javier Lozano says:

    Y porque con Rusia no ases eso????? EEUU se aprovecha !!!!

  10. USMCFORREALZ says:

    Sorry bro, I was there. Good video if people want a general idea, but not even close. War is nasty.

  11. Jeremy Ho says:

    Will Hunter and Father Inc sell this technology to China in exchange for money?

  12. Kathy Nguyen says:


  13. Ankiit Siingh says:

    It's a fantastic game…I thought it's real showed to my wife.,again same words ur are again too drunk..& my wife 1st slap & then slept 🙏🙏🙏

  14. If this a super-realistic game, what are the machine-gun rounds they're supposed to be firing? Explosive, I take it.

  15. Why do you clowns bother producing this gore porn? Do you think you're clever or something?

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