ARMA 3: AC-130 Engages Insurgents | Convoy Ambush | COMBAT FOOTAGE

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Military simulation.
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“Realistic AC-130 Gunship Simulator”

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Arma 3 (Bohemia Interactive –

Adobe Premiero Pro


US army:

Warhead’s AC130 Drone:

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36 thoughts on “ARMA 3: AC-130 Engages Insurgents | Convoy Ambush | COMBAT FOOTAGE

  1. TAMGA STUDIO says:

    it's just a video game! #MakeArmaNotWar

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  2. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️

  3. Jay Plays says:

    It's so weird that Arma has exploding vehicles.

  4. Aussie gotchasixbro says:

    JTAC: Roger give me that my gun run, (way to warm that ?) baby.
    arguably the coolest term used by jtac to bring much peace and love @3,900rpm

  5. Warua Rivera says:

    Absolutly accurate

  6. Aussie gotchasixbro says: (ground): Roger be advised we are uh … we are east of the riverbed and uh … we’re taking fire from the west.
    JTAC: Roger standby we’re poppin’ smoke.
    JTAC: Look for the smoke it’s gonna be a (west?) smoke… gonna be a red smoke.
    A-10: OK got the red smoke.
    JTAC: Roger, gun run north to south, west of the smoke, west of the smoke.
    A-10: OK copy, west of the smoke, I’m looking at danger close now.
    JTAC: Roger, keep your fires west of the smoke. Commander’s initials [listed]. Keep the fuckin fire west of the smoke… we have three smokes popped.
    A-10: K copy that … I am visual the smoke … I’m gonna keep my fires west of the smoke and west of the road.
    JTAC: Roger I see you.
    JTAC: C’mon (“Willy”?) baby give it to me … I need it … you’re cleared hot.
    A-10: Copy cleared hot.
    A-10 (another voice, computer?): Start visual to the smoke (inaudible) … copy to the west … long range strafe.
    Ground proximity warning system (GPWS, “Bitching Betty”): Altitude, altitude.
    JTAC: You got me right?
    A-10: Got you?
    JTAC: Ok make sure you got (inaudible) the river.
    GPWS: pull up, pull up.
    [GAU 8 firing.]
    JTAC: Two! Two! I need you c’mon two.
    A-10: Coming in hot to the north.
    JTAC: Two, same spot look for me… keep ‘em west.
    [GAU 8 firing.]
    JTAC: Two, still takin’ fire from the west!
    A-10: All right dude make it low angle strafe … I want it closer.
    JTAC: Ok, one, I needed on the west hill side… the west bank (just west?) I need it on the west bank.
    A-10: I understand the west bank of the river?
    JTAC: That’s affirm, west bank (and give me hell?…) two give it to me in the grove.
    A-10: Ok once in from the north, I’ve got the west bank of the river, two is gonna give it to you on the grove.
    JTAC: Roger give me that my gun run, (way to warm that ?) baby.
    A-10: In hot.
    JTAC: Cleared hot.
    GPWS: Altitude, altitude.
    [GAU-8 firing.]
    JTAC: Two give it to me in the grove, in the grove.
    A-10: Two in in 15 seconds.
    JTAC: Cleared hot two in the grove over.
    A-10: (unintelligible).
    JTAC: Two I have you visual … you are cleared hot two in the grove over.
    [GAU-8 firing.]
    JTAC: One, same thing in the grove south, north-south.
    A-10: Copy north south, give me some more smoke.
    JTAC: We’re moving, we’re moving.
    A-10: Which way?
    JTAC: We’re moving east, we’re moving east, give the fires south of the grove, south of the grove.
    A-10: Ok I underst-south, I understand south.
    JTAC: One you’re cleared hot in the grove.
    A-10: South or west?
    JTAC: South.
    GPWS: Altitude, altitude.
    [GAU-8 firing.]
    GPWS: Pull up! Pull up!
    JTAC: Two, west bank, two west bank gun run two.
    A-10: Two.
    JTAC: Two you’re cleared hot two.
    A-10: Ok I understand west bank where I just strafed a couple of passes ago?
    JTAC: That’s affirm, that’s affirm two you are cleared hot.
    A-10?: Two is in from the north cleared hot.
    [GAU-8 firing.]
    A-10?: Ok now I want you to go over (the turn card and start watching the grid?).
    JTAC: One, just east of those rounds east of those rounds north south.
    A-10: Acknowledged.
    A-10: I understand east of number two’s rounds?
    JTAC: That’s affirm, just east, a walk south, cleared hot.
    A-10: Copy cleared hot.
    A-10: One is in from the north.
    A-10: Confirm you’re still moving east.
    JTAC: Roger that’s affirm, still moving east, cleared hot.
    GPWS: Altitude, altitude.
    [GAU-8 firing.]
    A-10: (unintelligible) where you want next.
    JTAC: Ok, two, ridgeline to my southeast, ridgeline to my southeast give me gun runs over.
    A-10: Two copies ridgeline to the southeast.
    JTAC: (unintelligible).
    A-10: Watch (we’ve got friendlies x?) moving north on the road.
    A-10: Two is in on the ridgeline to the southeast.
    JTAC: Roger two (unintelligible) cleared hot.
    [GAU-8 firing.]
    A-10: Aight (unintelligible) give me a smoke, and give me a mor… give me a willie pete mark where you want the next ones.
    JTAC: Ok I’ll try, I’ll give you smoke, I don´t know about that willie pete.
    A-10: I got a hundred rounds.
    A-10: Aight we’re… we’re running short on 30 mm…..#thankyouforyoureservice.

  7. Claudio Luiz Silva says:

    Bom se fosse real.

  8. Cool video. I love. aking this sort of stuff. Just downgrade the resolution and put a few filters over it and it looks like the real thing.

  9. Sergio Brivio says:

    Spero che sia un gioco.

  10. 이거 실화인지 게임인지 아시는분 설명좀 부탁합니다 헷갈리???

  11. 村瀬忠彦 says:

    AC – 130 の破壊力は抜群ですね。機関銃と砲撃、すごいな。これって日本の航空自衛隊は購入すべきだと思いますが、いかがでしょうか。


    make Russian invasion of Poland part 2

  13. Cem Celen says:

    Big guns reaction is too much quick.Its cant be…ARMAs foult
    Good video good kills thx

  14. Re-Act Gaming says:

    well.. i though this is a new video from Azerbaijan MOD…

  15. And more mount and blade bannerlord

  16. Puedes subir un vídeo de México invadiendo o que invadan a México, no se algo donde salga el ejército mexicano o la marina mexicana ( la marina tiene equipo de última)

  17. Can you upload a video about an invasion of Mexico or invading Mexico? thanks bro.

  18. Trey Guitteau says:

    This one’s not that great. You can tell it’s not AC-130 because of the swivel degrees (camera angles), radio calls are for the wrong shots, you shouldn’t see the rounds flying in… meh

  19. Should post these missions also on the steam workshop and ask for donations. I'd love to play your nation vs nations maps and zombie ones.


    Amigo una pregunta para saber que si vas a subir otra vez él videos de zombies si no esta Bien ?


    Saludos amigo Buenas tardes Esta muy bien tu vídeo

  22. Basically, you should outsource your special effects skills.

  23. pls make one about Portugal 🙂

  24. Claude Speed says:

    Request:Azerbaijan kills Armenian soldiers with drones

  25. Kim Il Sung says:

    try next Armenia vs Azerbaijan in karabakh

  26. Tecar Patrik says:

    Make more nation vs nation videos

  27. Leopoldo Reyes says:

    Un cordial saludos

  28. Nice hunting out there. Good kills

  29. lautaro R44 says:

    Soy de Argentina

  30. lautaro R44 says:

    Segundo cracks saludame porfa

  31. Nice video bro love it

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