Archive Video Of The D-Day Normandy Landings

British and American veterans are set to leave Portsmouth and travel to Normandy for the 70th anniversary of the D-Day landings.

The World War Two veterans have journeyed from across the UK and the US ahead of a series of memorial events.

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46 thoughts on “Archive Video Of The D-Day Normandy Landings

  1. dan sheppard says:

    I want to remind people the first boats in is where they kind of got slaughtered the ones that came behind them got filmed after the beaches where made more safe

  2. Kevin Aalberts says:

    why are their blimp balloons in the sky of all ww2 films ???

  3. One_and_only says:

    The biggest question is who's the camera man tho?

  4. Harry Steadman says:

    I found this helpful as i am doing work about the Normandy landings

  5. Eric Falcon says:

    God bless the United States of America Puerto Rico, Texas, Georgia, Mississippi, California, NYC & more Privet first class American soldiers!!! (WWl, WWll & North Korea) The real Wars!!!!

  6. Tim Lovell says:

    Whenever I'm struggling with something I always think of these super brave people…

  7. Alisina Abrahim says:

    Nothing like the movies they just landed and no machine guner shot them.

  8. Dario Raschi says:

    Just watched so sad but so brave god bless their souls we should never forget the whole worlds sacrifices in this terrible war

  9. Biff Rude says:

    Stop US wars and occupation.

  10. Rudy Alexander Sam Caal says:

    Son los mas tontos que pelean por salvarle el pellejo a los gobernadores corruptos.

  11. now we lose again or freedom ..this fight is for nothing .

  12. Magic Striker says:

    I wonder who those women were. Picking flowers and helping the wounded.

  13. The only one worthy of worship is الله says:


  14. charlie moss says:

    Fact: most of the people u see in this video are dead

  15. MAKEOUTHILL says:

    My gerat grandad was one of the SAS paratroopers that dropped in on normandy. 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

    Rip peter angel lynch

  16. Rudy Lobos says:

    Y los germanos, realmente ansiosos por rendirse.

  17. Rudy Lobos says:

    Monty y Ike sonreían, y los deudos lloraban, aunque aún ignoraban la muerte de sus seres queridos…

  18. Rudy Lobos says:

    Tanto alemanes como aliados, no querían estar allí.

  19. Rudy Lobos says:

    Visto a través del tiempo, todo parece irreal, hasta las muertes.

  20. Knowledge77 says:

    Its scary how hunmans are capable of such acts. We are all humans and should live in peace

  21. U know a fact whomsoever landed on normandy first literally died that day…

  22. And a generation later, the french are complaining that they can’t fish in British waters.

  23. Arya Hary Iskan says:

    He is Idjon Djanbi

  24. J Henry Phillips says:

    People of France, and the guy is wearing a Hitler toothbrush mustache! An out-of-uniform Jerry?

  25. Alec Pitter says:

    Jeeze so much collateral

  26. John Icenhower says:

    We took their youth.
    We took their innocence.
    We took their lives.
    They gave us freedom in return.

    (Not mine, I found on another, but I agree)

  27. aditya ghosh says:

    My questions is who made this documentary??
    Is he alive?

  28. AKA Nounez says:

    Lol Hitler at the end 🤪

  29. Sparrow Bluebeard says:

    Reporters back then no less than a solider and risk their life to show the world the actual news

  30. Fluky Review says:

    Thank God there were no snowflake millennials in WW2. Those snowflake crybaby spineless cowards would caused defeat for the Allies and losing the war.

  31. rizkyramadann_13 says:

    7:03 without friends and without help
    between sad and funny

  32. Alonsback?? says:

    😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 all those men died 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  33. ScooterBob44 says:

    Is it true that not all defenders were Germans! I heard some were Checks, some were slave laborers while others were Russian prisoners forced to fight along with the Germans. German soldiers were thinly stretched along hundred of miles of the Atlantic wall.

  34. Armor Master says:

    Говорят немцы поливали их огнем ,а из лодок выходят как на прогулку) не разу не "Спасти рядового Райна " фильм кстати классный!

  35. An OK Man says:

    These guys are almost as brave and patriotic as Antifa and BLM.

  36. Shaun Baughman says:

    i know that all these movies like saving private ryan are realistic but i don't see the soldiers being gunned down right after they come out of the boat. not that i want to see it

  37. Zukni War says:

    Call of duty ww2 😁

  38. Ken Havens says:

    BTW…these guys were the first ANTIFA….

  39. Jadenburgers Yeetarmy says:

    Warrrr shcks

  40. JAHEIM CARTY says:

    This is wat destroys our ozone it’s not the factory

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