Apaches Blast Enemy Fighters in Zabul

ZABUL PROVINCE, Afghanistan — Two Apache helicopters from 2nd Battalion, 82nd Aviation Regiment, 82nd Combat Aviation Brigade, were conducting area reconnaissance and surveillance when they received a call for assistance from a ground element of the 1st Battalion, 508th Infantry Regiment, 4th Brigade Combat Team, also known as Task Force One Fury. The ground element was under attack by indirect fire from insurgents attacking their small Afghan National Army outpost in eastern Zabul Province.
The Apaches, on closing in on the ambush site, recognized an Afghan National Army Ranger truck and determined both visually and through communication with the ground force that the trucks were being operated by enemy fighters.
Insurgents had mounted anti-aircraft guns in the back of the stolen trucks, and fired on the Apaches.
The Apaches destroyed some of the enemy vehicles. The joint ANA and coalition effort resulted in the recovery of two stolen ANA Ranger trucks, the death of nearly 20 enemy fighters and the seizure of roughly 15 motorcycles and a significant amount of weapons including two anti-aircraft systems, various rifles, ammunition and bomb-making material.