Apache Helicopters In Action • Combat Footage

Apache Helicopters are designed to be lethal killing machines. This video shows just how deadly they are, with combat/gun tape footage, plus takeoff and landing scenes.

The Boeing AH-64 Apache is a twin engine attack helicopter with a two man crew. The pilot sits behind and above the copilot/gunner. Both crew members are capable of flying the aircraft and engaging weapons systems.

The Apache armament includes a M230 Chain Gun, AGM-114 Hellfire missiles, and Hydra 70 rockets.

In addition to the United States, the Apache is used by Egypt, Greece, India, Indonesia, Israel, Japan, South Korea, Kuwait, Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Taiwan (Republic of China), United Arab Emirates, and United Kingdom.

Film Credits: SFC Eric Pahon, SSG Mark Shrewsbury, PO1 Michael Sandberg, and SSG Justin Puetz
Derivative Works: Gung Ho Vids

21 thoughts on “Apache Helicopters In Action • Combat Footage

  1. I was just watching a helicopter getting water from a swimming pool to fight a forest fire.

  2. Alexpopblock says:

    These are some awesome graphics

  3. Edwin Morales says:

    It’s always funny to see the army helos land on the flight deck, they take their time putting the bird down the navy and Corps pilots just drop it hard on the deck lol

  4. Native Americans have named one of the best Helicopters “Apache”

    Badass name

  5. Army Strong says:

    sorry everyone AH-1Z viper is better

  6. Doctor Naqeeb Jan says:

    2020this holicopters go back to us from Afghanistan bug up

  7. DownSouth Ninja says:

    aol voice "you've got mail" ….i didnt order any mail.psssshbooomfiiire

  8. Andrew Sep says:

    With the night vision, you can run, but you can't hide

  9. Hosein Ahmadi says:

    awsome.The most professional apache's poilot was Iranian in Iran-Iraq war

  10. The team america theme song should constantly blast from this helicopter.

  11. The hunter from gta5

  12. The Uncooked Pie says:

    Horrible bit of kit to be on the business end of. Love it.

  13. Bro my ps4 is loudee than this🤣

  14. god, how did we find these 2016 apache memes funny

  15. Helal Al-Helal says:

    The only that i like about in life is death from above and chopper gunner

    Video game chopper gunners are fine by me unless release ultimate hell by those missiles 50 cal explosive round machine gun 30 mil mini gun

  16. GaryTheCursedSprout says:

    Imagine going to work and you see this thing

  17. Norhaizan Norhaizan says:


  18. TheClutchmaster16 says:

    Overlord: You’ve got an enemy helicopter loaded for bear in your area. Over

  19. Amit Sunkur says:

    This helicopter assure security in da air as well on ground

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