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A faraway war, A clash of ideologies And some of the biggest battles fought on African soil since World War Two.

For twenty-three years, five western nations, members of the Soviet bloc and two superpowers were locked into a war never formally declared. The South African Defence Force and the CIA backed UNITA pitted against communist Angolans, SWAPO, Cubans, and Russians.

It all began in 1966. Once the Draft started, every able-bodied white South African male was called up for service; they were joined by the famed 32 Battalion, composed mainly of black FNLA veterans. They were forced to adapt, both physically and emotionally. It was a call that most answered.

This was the Cold War played out on a third-world battleground. Where the skies of Angola were once the most hostile airspace in the world and Rules of engagement in this war were murky, complicated and secretive and who won it, remains fiercely contested even to this day.

But a hard-won peace was eventually victorious. This is the story of the violent journey to get there. Many lost their lives. Emotional scars and lasting vivid memories remain.

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