americans get slaughtered in ambush , vietnam war


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  1. Comrade Stalin says:

    99% of you people can't be replied to

  2. Comrade Stalin says:

    "Americans get slaughtered"
    I only see a compilation of footage from different places, nothing all together. And all this footage was probably recorded by Americans/Western forces.

    Truth is, if we go by body count/gains in combat, the United States beat the Vietcong/NVA. The Vietcong ceased to exist after their failed Tet Offensive, and the NVA was almost destroyed (the election of 1968 prevented it from happening)

    Let's not forget that the NVA/VC lost FAR more men in combat than the US, and were forced to the peace table because the US started doing something it should have done a long time ago, bombing the shit out of North Vietnam.

  3. Comrade Stalin says:

    A communist propaganda video? Shit, I haven't seen one of those in a while. And I didn't know they uploaded them to YouTube; I thought all communist shitholes banned it?

  4. graciano b says:

    Actually it was a Victory!!! From the VIET CONG

  5. Interesting that I am accused of racism considering I married an Asian woman and adopted an asian child.

    Atrocities by the US? Let's not get started with Japanese atrocities.

  6. Lufasu Mafalu says:

    and in 2014 american goverment provoking russia and want to send troops to ukraine, would a massive destruction of US military unit by multiple rockets salvoes GRADs will make US soldiers think the same "is it worth it ?"

  7. takitimu08 says:


  8. LumpyBumpyAcidFish says:

    our government put these people through hell fuck you america

  9. haierthanhai says:

    you shouldn't be going into a country that's been fighting for its independence against foreign powers for over 1100 years.

  10. From now on says:

    Ha ha, you got fucking owned….
    Shouldn't have been there in the first fucking place. Got taught some jungle warfare tactics there didn't cha?
    USA now only fights in the desert now because they can shoot from far away and not get their hands dirty. Zionist wankers……

  11. Danglesboy1 says:

    Major Michael Davis O'Donnell
    1 January 1970
    Dak To, Vietnam

  12. Danglesboy1 says:

    If you are able,
    save them a place
    inside of you
    and save one backward glance
    when you are leaving
    for the places they can
    no longer go.
    Be not ashamed to say
    you loved them,
    though you may
    or may not have always.
    Take what they have left
    and what they have taught you
    with their dying
    and keep it with your own.
    And in that time
    when men decide and feel safe
    to call the war insane,
    take one moment to embrace
    those gentle heroes
    you left behind.

  13. Saved By Grace says:

    Hi! Does anyone know what Army unit this is from? where in Nam and when? Thank you.

  14. xxmaxexstreamxx says:

    Do you think those men had say so of where the fuck they went? No They were Drafted at ages of 16. 17, 18, 19, and up. They were told what to do and told where to go. they followed orders. They had each others Backs So they Could Live to see another day. it was Kill or be Killed.

  15. SuperBigdude77 says:

    Thank you for your service.

  16. zohehorne66 says:

    War such a stupid thing against it all the way. But order in this life we live in is vital.there will never be complete peace and if there was do you realize how blunt this world would be we need these moments to evolve as humans… Harsh reality

  17. Most of them didn't have a choice, an both sides descended into committing horrible atrocities and millions died as a result, The North Vietmenese and Vietcong were not better than the Americans, the ran an ethnic cleansing campaign in the highlands and the Vietcong used mafia style tactics to control remote villages in the south, like burning children alive if a village didn't give them food.

  18. MinisterAilingTongue says:

    The Stark way.

  19. Jeremy Carlin says:

    FUCK YOU, I'm an American and proud of! At our very worse we are better than any other country on the planet….

  20. 6.5x39mmGrendel says:

    Wow. You know I usually keep to myself but this comment is just so goddamn stupid I had to take the 30 seconds out of my day to type this and call you an idiot. It was simply part of the Cold War. The only reason was to stop communism from spreading. "To use up war supplies". What a ridiculous statement. If anything America was trying to SAVE war supplies in case of another World War because there was tensions between Russia and America.

  21. Andrew Cooke says:

    An excellent and pertinent point. I think one of the worst things regarding the whole war was that the "educated", the graduates or soon to be graduates in the USA were happy to sing "Hell No We Won't Go" but didn't give a damn about the poor whites/blacks/hispanics/first nations who were drafted. it didn't concern them. I wonder how many now choose to remember this.

  22. nick brown says:

    no mps son has ever died in a war isnt it odd all goverment sons are exempt from going to war.

  23. "how could anything be worth this" he says……….well, there was no good reason other than power and greed

  24. all for politics and the elite's little games ………damn it all

  25. kketokommasou lae says:

    why you went there americans?you had a death wish ?
    or communism was so bad that was harming your pockets?
    you all should be ashamed of your country

  26. 2 battalions ambushing 1 company = massacre

  27. LOUIS VARGAS says:

    when those D.O.C came out some 50,000 pages in 2010 we went to war on a false flag

  28. Jonas Thorsell says:

    Standuble, actually General Giap was very inspired by an ancient commander named Tran Hung Dao who led the Vietnamese army in fighting off the Mongolians. If you are more interested in this subject, you should check out a book called Street Without Joy by Bernard Fall, it is actually about the Vietnamese revolution against the French, but clarifies alot about what the Americans faced.

  29. bayknight20 says:

    If you are right, and you are not, have you taken a look lately at the repressive government that rules Vietnam today? A cabal that keeps the profits from Nike factories for their own profit, and does not allow freedom of speech. The US fought for a government that espoused freedom and capitalism that has enabled poor nations to uplift themselves all around the world.

  30. man the vietnam war was arguebly the most gruesome war fought in the 20th century.

  31. johnnybigcheez says:

    Bandido Six, you were never there I can tell by what you wrote and how you wrote it. Make comments with some other group that you actually belonged to.

  32. Bandido Six says:

    Fuck you all…I was there. It was a job…ours to kill them and theirs to kill us! And you people have no fucking idea of what you are talking about…you have no idea what it is like to kill or to be wounded….you have no fucking idea what it takes to face death on a daily basis…bottom line…you simply have no fucking idea at all!

  33. avalaunch1 says:

    as ozzy once said/sung-Politicians hide themselves away. They only started the war. Treating people just like pawns in chess, Wait till their judgement day comes. . . . . man politicians would NEVER go fight their own war, or even let their children do it for them for that matter.

  34. TecDiver05 says:

    They live in peace?! HAHA. 1975- Cambodia issues a coups and turns a highschool into a torture prison called S-21. Of 14,000 inmates, 7 are the only survivors. South Vietnam was incompetent on the highest levels, we gave them all the tools of the trade and what do they do? Abandon all this equipment and run, thus for the NVA got it. mean they had a goal in vietnam, your right, reducate the public with communism and terrify anyone else. Think twice before you post a deluded statement like that.

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