American P-51 Fighters Attack Tokyo, Incredible Remastered HD Footage

Note: If you find the content of this film thought-provoking, there are some excellent discussions happening in the comments, (Yes, on YouTube. I know.)

This footage comes from one of the final scenes in the captivating 1945 Academy Award nominated film The Last Bomb. The complete 35-minute remastered film is available on this channel here:

The Last Bomb is a 1945 propaganda film mainly concerning the conventional phase of the bombing of Japan in 1945. It was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature.

The film begins by describing the taking off points in Saipan, Guam, and Tinian, remarking how they have changed since American occupation. General Curtis LeMay is shown planning a daylight raid on Japan’s industrial areas.

A bomber squadron of B-29s then assembles and the audience rides with them through a space of ocean as wide as the US from Mexico to Canada, special attention being given to the island Iwo Jima, which is midway through the journey. The film then proceeds to the actual bombing of Japan, showing one of the B-29s dogfights with Japanese planes, and the destruction leveled on Tokyo by the B-29s’ payload and subsequent strafing.

When the bombers return to base, the hazards of war are assessed, particularly the problems associated with landing the large planes, which could sometimes be fatal.

At the very end some color footage of the mushroom cloud at Hiroshima is shown, the narrator, Reed Hadley, telling us that it saves thousands of American lives by preventing an invasion of Japan.

35 thoughts on “American P-51 Fighters Attack Tokyo, Incredible Remastered HD Footage

  1. P-51’s have always been my favorite. They have suck a cool look. These strafing shots are great.

  2. Neil Legacy says:

    In my regression therapy i was a pilot for the RAF was shot down over the English channel.This is like my sessions of remembering more about who i was.Thanks.

  3. Adi gaming says:

    I wanna see more of this WW2 DOGFIGHT

  4. Adi gaming says:

    RIP deos fishing Boise

  5. BandB1111111 says:

    I know war is hell…but some of those strafing runs look pretty fun.

  6. Chris Espinosa says:

    Holy shit they just went around killing innocent fishermen?

  7. DarqeDestroyer says:

    This is what Total War looks like. If you're over the enemy country, and you see anything moving on the ground, you open fire, no questions asked. Collateral damage, what's that? There hasn't been a true total war since the end of WW2, at least not involving the USA, even Vietnam wasn't so full blown. Everyone ought to hope there is never one again.

  8. 柳澤順一 says:


  9. Gotta give the Brits props, they built one of the finest engines ever

  10. Darian Mendoza says:

    This pilot is a genocidal maniac lmao

  11. Edax Sachorwzky says:

    By 1945, the Japanese were going bye bye!

  12. drosera88 says:

    These guys are just barely dodging some of those structures. Looks like they're awful close to hitting each other too with those bullets ricocheting of the ground. Balls of fucking steel.

  13. Wong Ndableg says:

    If we eemember how cruel of japanese troop I feel happy to see this plane shooting every where.

  14. Muddybagclean says:

    Jesus Loves You

  15. Robert Holding says:

    Wow thats incredible photos

  16. ダンテスダイジ says:

    Civilian massacre

  17. 00UncommonSense00 says:

    Such badass film!

  18. God damn those boys were ruthless

  19. Trading Wizard says:

    Waaay too much fun.

  20. Vulture Vic says:

    Did I see missiles?

  21. teddy Kurniawan says:

    P51 crew reported to commander.
    Mission acomplished. No casualties.
    Comander said..
    We will send the atomic bomb later.

  22. victor manning says:

    The most hardcore method of demolition, no turbines. Like a crazy spin on Death Race… high tech propeller planes with monster engines, cannons and missiles. The strange segway to the next innovation, the peak of an old idea so wholly refined.

  23. Leandro Caricato says:

    Nice shooting on those dangerous fishermen !!!

  24. TheGrayRat2020 says:

    1:35 the best part
    p51d mustang vs japanese steam locomotives

  25. holy jesus its gona be a bad day when a d model cuts your tuna rod in two

  26. Sumit Dev says:

    Those were the days when pilot had to actually fight unlike today’s fighting from beyond visual range

  27. Dina Nazriani says:

    hahah japan so noob


  29. 1:42 – that is some amazing rudder/stick work by the pilot. Entire burst was on target. That's a very experienced pilot.

  30. Steven Fox says:

    few people know this but there was only 1 p51 ever made

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