Amazing Real Combat Footage From WW2

Amazing real combat footage from World War 2 (colourized).

45 thoughts on “Amazing Real Combat Footage From WW2

  1. Jushua Spada says:

    I lost 4 of my best friends to terrorist. And i almost died and. I wish i died with them

  2. Loyal Patriot says:

    internet made these guys sooo cruel to fight each other!

  3. sgt pierson says:

    Im crying to see someone take another mans life is heartbraking r.i.p corporal kowalski

  4. Jason Simpkins says:

    Play this footage and press mute, now play your own bad ass music aw yeah…..RIP to All In the War…..

  5. Just finished the campaign of Call of Duty WW2 and it got me in my feels so I wanted to watch some real footage

  6. Ny'Kevius Colbert says:

    This video is so very perfect

  7. Cool to see some Commonwealth soldiers in here

  8. Edward Ster says:

    To think this could have been avoided if we had helped Germany get one their feet like we did every one else

  9. They didn't eaten have colored pictures back then!

  10. FAKE if you believe this there is something's not wrong with you!

  11. dakota rood says:

    i would love to be in ww2

  12. hannibal kills says:

    Lel, everyone is being so realistic that they want the music removed.

  13. CrashBurnman95 says:

    duration: 04:20
    coincidence? I don't think so

  14. Joe Stark says:

    i really respect you for making. this video

  15. Pugs Life gaming says:

    Sad to think the cat is now dead. Why can't animals live longer!

  16. IncognitoMastah PCMasterRace says:

    Correction!!!! European side of WW2

  17. Massimo Fabbri says:

    a must have of all the videos of his kind seems to be the most insulse & annoying music

  18. Waldo_The_Duck_King says:

    Its so weird listening the the thomas theme song in the backround with this vid muted

  19. 2:21  So that's what happens when an artillery shell hits in the middle of a lot of people.

  20. The almighty Space jesus says:

    electro-swing and this, a magical moment in my life…

  21. ClassicBoxing88 says:

    Hats off to these brave men

  22. The Immortal Soul says:

    Australians, the only soldiers to wear shorts and a t-shirt at war. (as far as I know..)

  23. James Smith says:

    those last 30 seconds in japan watching the bombs fall was prob the most hell defying thing ever. and to think. we were going to drop 1 on toyko o if needed

  24. James Smith says:

    war. the most beautiful evil that will ever exist.

  25. Dragyn Fyng says:

    2:42 lets kick this thing into overdrive…

  26. Zachary Jones says:

    Wish they had go pros….

  27. TheRealDeal says:

    And what was achieved with this ? nothing,only one thing the most important for the world leaders decreasing population… and people still listen to the commands of the leaders and go to war why u don't think with ur heads what you are dying for?

  28. Joel Cummerford says:


  29. _______________ says:

    I guess the third is comming

  30. alot of this is from the Vietnam war. still badass though.

  31. fred louis says:

    that's the british army uniform right? in the beginning part of the video?

  32. Lel, the video is 4 minutes, and 20 seconds long.

  33. bugsy1925 says:

    background music is the same as that of the movie "king arthur"..does anyone know the title?

  34. Jonathan Boerema says:

    They were real men

  35. Who risks their life to record this stuff? And it's not like it was an iPhone that they could just move over.. The probably had a bunch of gear on them, so they could barely move…

  36. EpicNinjaCakes says:

    My grandfather was in World War II and he has now passed on a year ago Thanks to my grandfather for serving my country.

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